Bible Corespondance Course

Bible Correspondence Course 

Bible Correspondence Course was mainly started to train and educate people in the Word of God who were exposed to the Gospel through some of the evangelistic efforts of GEMS, namely Film shows, Major & Minor Gospel programs or any other street preaching.

People who are basically literate and for those who do not want to come out of their village to learn openly, this BCC becomes a very useful tool. At first we send them some literature for study. Once they finish the first study they correspond to the BCC office to receive the next literature. Many are given constant literature training through postal training and thus they are rooted in the word of God. This is very effective in the cases where people who do not want to identify themselves openly with the Christians but still want to follow Christ .

The present Film team is linked with the Bible Correspondence Course where follow-up decision cards are linked with the bible college students who follow them with the Correspondence Course.