Fasting Prayer Rally

Fasting Prayer Rally

First Generation believers are taught to Pray,Intercede and to Stand in the Gap.In the past years many posters were made to bring awareness among the believers to constantly pray.It was so encouraging to see that most of the points for which they prayed brought about dramatic changes and results in the following years.Posters were made on Corruption,Poverty,Government,Politics,Casteism,Environment awareness and so on.Through all this the first generations Christians were encouraged to pray not only for their own needs but also for the needs of this nation and world.


Annual Fasting Prayer Rally:

Every year GEMS encourages believers to meet together for a 40 hours fasting and prayer.The recent fasting Rally could witness more than 5000 people.People come together in Sikaria to cried out to the Lord and intercede for Bihar and for the Nation. 

Chain Fasting Prayer:

One outcome of the fasting prayer was to generate Chain Fasting Prayer.New believers were envisioned to pray systematically throughout the year. All the participants were given time slots to pray at least for two hours in a year for the transformation of India.They could pray as individuals or as a group or church.This has created a great prayer movement among believers and many witnessed the move of God through prayers


Workers Fasting Prayer:

GEMS conducts 3 days fasting prayer every year in the month of December for missionaries.These days are considered as power house or refreshing time for the missionaries who toil the whole year in the fields.A total fast is declared for all the missionaries except for some beverages.This is the time for each one to evaluate their life ,their minstry and to wait on the Lord for His guidance for the following year.Many who were discouraged,were refreshed and empowered during these fasting prayers and they could go back with joy and vigor of the Lord.