Evangelism & Church Planting

Gospel Meetings

GEMS strongly believes that evangelism is the cutting edge of ministry and puts in great effort in gospel programs. It conducts Major and Mini Gospel meetings, sometimes referred as major and mini crusades.

Mini Gospel Programs: Every year around 110 Mini Gospel programs are scheduled. Every zone is allotted a certain number of gospel programs which are conducted periodically. Each such program is attended by 800-2000 people, after which they are invited into the church.

These meetings are normally experienced with power encounters,miracle and healings. Also there are stiff oppositions and resistance from people in some quarters. House meetings or Street meetings are conducted in some places to avoid unnecessary public attention and interventions.

Major Gospel Programs: Around 16 Major gospel meetings are conducted in a year which is normally done in a largescale.Each meetings are attended by 8000-15000 people.

The Film team is sent well in advance. They go to 30-40 villages in and around the place where gospel meeting is scheduled and share the gospel through films, after which they distribute the pamphlets for the major gospel program. Also announcement vehicles and other mediums like local newspapers are used to invite people for these programs.

A gospel team is sent along with Generator bus and Utility bus with P.A system, recording unit and Stage equipmentsto setup the logistics. The team goes with these 2 vehicles along with other support vehicles, hire a ground; setup the stage, lightings, and audio.They also indulge themselves in intense prayer for the meetings.

Meetings are experienced with stiff opposition, miracles and healings. Many strongholds are broken and places were not even a single church could be seen, witnessed tens of churches after the Major Gospel programs


Evangelism & Church Planting