Hindi Medium Schools

Hindi Medium Schools

Considering the vast need for basic education for the poor and the underprivileged in an affordable way, GEMS started the first of its Hindi medium schools in the year 1980.GEMS Hindi schools are a testament of functioning amidst social prejudices, hurdles and oppositions.

A humble beginning with 250 children has grown like a banyan tree catering to more than 15,000 children through its 111 units of Hindi medium schoolswhich we call as Day Care centres, functioning in different parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. We believe that the Lord would infuse education in these children through the Day Care Centres, even to remotest villages of these states. These DCCs provide education to the downtrodden mass and works as a mighty tool to carry the values and living principles we teach to transform societies. The buildings of these DCCs may be used for community development work whenever needed which gives good access into the society to involve with community development activities touching the parents of the children and through them the people of the society. The staffs of these DCCs help the local workers to promote the local community development outreaches, thereby standing as a team with the local field worker of that particular area and in the outreach work during their free hours. 

We have an intake of an average 15,000 children per year into our Hindi Medium Schools throughout Bihar, Jharkhand and UP, while 489 people have been considered for employment in the DCC schools, thus helping the unemployed learned. Many of our new believers are employed, so that social pressure upon them is reduced. DCCs neutralize the opposition for the Gospel work in the hard-core areas like Bihar, which was once considered to be the 'Graveyard for Missionaries'

On observing our work, people come forward to donate their lands for building DCCs with a desire to see the present younger generation getting educated. Until now they have received lands as donations to start a school and in some places more than 2 acres have been donated

DCC Alumni: 
There are plans to have an alumni network among the DCC students. The motive behind this network is for a follow up channel. However one of the major concerns is the poor communication facilities available in these states.

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