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Yudha Dvani (GEMS Kannada Magazine) September 2017 Issue

The September 2017 Issue of the GEMS Kannada magazine, Yudha Dvani is released and can be read online and downloaded. 

Read the message from the General Secretary of GEMS, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar in Yudha Dvani.

Click to Download – Yudha Dvani_Sep 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – Yudha Dvani_Sep 2017 (Online)

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Children of North Bihar Receive Abundant Life thru GEMS VBS

VBS was conducted at Nimuia, a DAT Motihari field in North Bihar. 275 children participated and received the gospel and the abundant life of Jesus Christ.

GEMS DAT (District Advancement Team) Motihari conducted VBS for children at Nimuia from 5th to 10th Sep 2017.

275 children participated in the VBS which was organized by Bro. John Ebenezer (DAT Leader, Motihari).

Bro. Raj Kumar and Bro. Sri Bhagwan of GEMS children wing conducted the VBS. The children learnt biblical truths through bible verses, stories, games, puppet shows and activities.

Competitions were conducted and prizes were given.

In prayer the children committed their life to Christ.

Pray for all the children who attended the VBS at Nimuia that they may continue to grow in Jesus. Pray for their wholesome growth and transformation that it may influence their families and village. Pray for the DAT ministry at Motihari and the children ministry of GEMS. 
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Brother Augustine Jebakumar Meetings in New Zealand this September 2017

The General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar will minister in meetings in New Zealand from 16th to 24th September 2017.

Pray! Participate!! Propagate!!!
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Advocacy thru GEMS Enables Landless Musahars to Become Land Owners

Musahars are the most marginalized people in Bihar. 48 families of this community at Koath in the Rohtas district received lands to build houses through GEMS’ advocacy.

GEMS has been serving the Musahar people (who are traditionally ‘rat eaters’) and their children through the OUR (Operation Upliftment of Rural) People project at Koath in the Rohtas district of Bihar. The project was started in 2013 -

The children receive education, food, healthcare, etc. Through continuous advocacy they have received lands and are grateful to the Lord.

Seeing the poor living conditions of the people in mud houses without proper roofing and wall, GEMS planned for collective housing scheme. For that an application with proposal was submitted to the DM (Magistrate of Rohtas District) in November 2014.

An order also was passed by the government in February 2015. But there was much delay as negotiation and documentation of the lands identified near the project could not be completed by the concerned officials. Finally, after all this process was completed, the distribution program was scheduled for January 2017 but it had to be cancelled. After due patience, prayers and perseverance, on Sunday 27th August 2017, three decimals of land along with Patta(Ownership Document) were distributed to 48 Mushahar families in the presence of Government officials by the grace of God.

All glory be to Him only! The poor landless Musahars of Koath village have now become owners of land and have received permanent address too.

GEMS Social Development Officer Sis. Gracy Hendry put in much efforts in this process and was helped by Bro. Rakesh Kumar (Associate Director, CP) and project in charge Bro. Vimal.

As the land allotment is done now it is turn to build basic houses for this people. Pray that the Lord may enable the construction of the houses. Pray that these people of Koath who have received land may also receive the heavenly blessing of salvation and eternal life. 
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GEMS STORM Reaches Out to New Students of Varanasi thru Freshers Meet

Freshers meet was conducted by GEMS STORM at Varanasi in which twenty students participated.

The Fresher’s meet was conducted at GEMS Action Centre, Varanasi on 2nd September 2017. Bro. Sanjay Pokhalekhar (STORM Regional Coordinator) organized the program.

20 students attended the freshers meet and among them eight were new students. Students were from BHU and others colleges. Gospel songs were sung, games were conducted, a message was shared and the students were informed of the STORM activities. New Testament copies and a booklet on youths was distributed to the students.

Pray for all the students who attended the freshers meet at STORM centre in Varanasi. Pray that they may know and grow in the Lord. Pray for all the activities of STORM Varanasi to result in salvation of students and their wholesome transformation. 
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ITI Inaugurated at Madhubani and Karwandiya ITI Gets ISO Certification in Bihar

GEMS ITI at Karwandiya, Bihar has received ISO certification. A new GEMS ITI at Madhubani in North Bihar was inaugurated & classes started.

Karwandiya ITI Certification
The GEMS ITI at Karwandiya in Rohtas, Bihar was assessed and was found compliant with the requirements and was awarded ISO certification for providing industrial training in Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Motor Vehicle and Welder Trade. Praise be to God.

Madhubani ITI Inauguration
A new ITI of GEMS was inaugurated at Madhubani in North Bihar and the inaugural ceremony was conducted on 1stSeptember 2017. Courses in Electrician and Fitter trade are provided and 38 students have already been admitted to the first year.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Maithili Zone, DAT Madhepura & DAT Sheohar missionaries & leaders, Madhubani ITI staff & students and Bro. Ananda Kumar (Associate Director, GEMS Institutions) and Bro. Goforth Jebakumar (Associate Director, GEMS Supportive Ministries) were the Chief Guests of the Inauguration. The program was presided over by Bro. Benjamin (Regional Director, GEMS North Region) who also serves as the Secretary of GEMS ITI Madhubani. Bro. K. Stanley (Principal, GEMS ITI Madhubani) anchored the program.

Opening Prayer was done by Bro. Manilal Das (Zonal Superintendent, Maithili zone) and Bro. Paul (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, Maithili) led in praise and worship. Bro. Benjamin welcome the Chief Guests and the participants.

Bro. Ananda kumar shared about GEMS ministries in Bihar and inaugurated the workshop. Bro. Goforth inaugurated the Principal room. Sis. Shajila Benjamin prayed for the Principal Bro. Stanley.

Bro. Goforth in his speck to the students exhorted them from Proverbs 1:7 to fear the Lord to receive wisdom. He also encouraged them to obey the staff to be moulded by them for a good future. Bag distribution was one by Bro. Manilal and Bro. Paul. After thanksgiving by Bro. Benjamin the inaugural ceremony came to a close with prayer and benediction by Bro. Ananda Kumar.

Pray for the GEMS ITI at Karwandiya to continue to provide quality education coupled with biblical values. Pray for the newly inaugurated ITI at Madhubani for its functioning; for the staff and management to receive the needed grace and strength from the Lord. Pray for all the institutions to continue to produce morally sound, transformed individuals and responsible citizens.
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GEMS NET Opens Tailoring Centre to Train Girls for Sustainable Livelihood

A tailoring centre was opened by NET (Neighbours Evangelistic Thrust) at Ara, Bihar to train young girls to make a livelihood.

The Tailoring Centre at Ara, Bihar was opened by NET and was inaugurated in August 2017. Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar (Managing Trustee) prayed over phone and inaugurated the centre.

The NET team at Ara serves predominantly among the Muslims. Bro. Abel Berchmans serves as the NET missionary here and his wife Sis. Emimal supervises the tailoring centre. Presently seven girls are being trained at this tailoring centre.

Pray for this new initiative of GEMS NET at Ara. Pray that the tailoring centre may train many girls and women so that they may be have a proper livelihood and as well get an opportunity to know the living God. 
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GEMS Church Inaugurated at Basantpur in Bihar for the glory of God

GEMS House of Prayer was built and inaugurated at Basantpur, Bihar in the PEACE 2 Zone (GEMS North West Region) for God’s glory.

The inauguration of the GEMS House of Prayer at Basantpur in the Siwan district of Bihar was done on 20thAugust 2017 and 250 people participated in the inauguration. The inaugural ceremony began with prayer by Bro. Rakesh (Associate Director, CP) and Bro. Paul Abraham (Regional Director, NW Region). Dr. Ashok Kumar (Associate General Secretary, GEMS) cut the ribbon and with prayer inaugurated the church.

Bro. R.P. Timothy (Zonal Superintendent, P2) welcome everyone and Bro. Gyanchand led the people in praise and worship. Bro. Kanahya Lal (Asst. Zonal Leader, P2) led in special song during offering time and Bro. Edward Rajan (DAT Leader, Siwan) prayed.

Dr. Ashok shared the message and exhorted the congregation based on Acts 9:31 on how church the church grew by living in the fear of the Lord and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

The inaugural ceremony came to a close with vote of thanks by Bro. Timothy and prayer by Bro. Rakesh.

Bro. Gyanchand serves as a missionary at Basantpur with his family. Basantpur is a very strategical place as it’s the meeting point of three districts, Siwan, Saran (Chapra) & Gopalganj. Every year this place hosts a Mela which is attended by three to four thousand people. The ministry here reaches strategically, that the Mela attendees may make melmilap(fellowship) with the Living God.

Pray for the ministry at Basantpur to continue to touch and transform the lives of people. Pray for the church here to engage with the local communities with the gospel. Pray for the believers to grow in discipleship and in godly fellowship.
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GEMS Invites Missionary Children for the MK Teens Camp

GEMS is conducting a special camp for the MK’s studying in North India from 29thSep to 2nd Oct 2017.

All MKs studying from 7th Std to 1st year UG are invited for this camp. Encourage the MK’s to attend. Register before 15th September.

Pray for this MK teens camp; for the organizers and the resource people. Pray that the camp may greatly impact the lives of the MKs to live and to fulfil God’s purpose. 
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GEMS Satham (Tamil Magazine) September 2017 Issue

September 2017 Issue of the Tamil magazine, GEMS Satham is released and can be read online and downloaded.

Click to read the ‘Anbin Madal’ of the General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and the prayer matters from the fields.
Click to Download – GEMS Satham_Sep 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – GEMS Satham_Sep 2017 (Online)

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GEMS Meetings in Tami Nadu, Bahrain and Singapore this September 2017

GEMS leaders will minister in meetings conducted at Madurai, Tuticorin, Bahrain and Singapore in September 2017.

Madurai – 1st to 3rd Sep
Dr. Ashok Kumar (Associate General Secretary, GEMS will minister in these meetings)

Tuticorin – 8th to 10th Sep
Bro. Suresh (Regional Director, GEMS Central Region) will minister at Tuticorin

Bahrain – 15th to 23rd Sep
Dr. Ashok Kumar (Associate General Secretary, GEMS will minister in these meetings)

Singapore – 16th Sep
Dr. Rajesh Duthie (Associate Director, KBM) will minister at PROFIT meeting

Youth Meeting – Nagercoil
A youth meeting will be conducted at Nagercoil on 2nd October. Register before 15th September.

Pray! Propagate!! Participate!!!
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GEMS Sabdam (Telugu Magazine) August 2017 Issue

The August 2017 Issue of the Telugu magazine, GEMS Sabdam is released and can be read online and downloaded. 

Read the message from the General Secretary of GEMS, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar in GEMS Sabdam.

Click to Download – GEMS Sabdam_Aug 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – GEMS Sabdam_Aug 2017 (Online)

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GEMS STORM Camp Helps Students at Varanasi to Grow as Disciples

Discipleship camp was conducted by GEMS STORM (STudents Out Reach Ministry) at Varanasi in which 55 students participated.

GEMS STORM organized a discipleship camp at GEMS Action Centre, Varanasi from 12th to 15th August 2017 in which 55 students participated, mostly from BHU (Banaras Hindu University). STORM Varanasi Coordinator Bro. Sanjay Pokhalekhar organized the meeting and Dr. Selwyn Ebenezer from Ottanchatram was invited as the guest speaker.

Dr. Selwyn’s sessions helped the students to learn on discipleship. Senior STORM member Dr. Kumar Manav translated the messages from English to Hindi.

A debate on money and media was also conducted in which the students actively participated and presented biblical standpoints on these issues.

Pray for all the students who participated in the Discipleship camp at Varanasi to grow as true disciples of Jesus by growing in their relationship with Him and in His likeness. Pray that they may witness Christ through their transformed character and counsel to other students. Pray for STORM Varanasi to reach out to all the students here and to disciple them and to raise leaders to transform the nation. 
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GEMS Humanitarian Project Among Marginalized People in Bihar Faces Opposition

A humanitarian project of GEMS at Johapur in Bihar benefits the Musahar children. A group of fanatics have been opposing the project and threatening the in charge continuously that they will burn him alive.

GEMS RAGAM (Rehabilitation of Abused Girls And the Marginalized) project was started at Johapur near Gaya in July 2016. This project benefits the highly marginalized community of Musahars (traditionally rat eaters) -

Bro. Dinesh Kumar is working as the project in-charge. In March 2017 a group of people visited the project and threatened him to leave Johapur and to close the work. When he did not go, after a few days, one of the miscreants Deepak visited Bro. Dinesh and used abusive words and threatened to kill him.

In April Bro. Dinesh was called to a meeting in a Hindu temple where a group led by one Munna threatened him and said “we will not allow you to stay here and to preach about Jesus”. Every month he was being threatened.

On 13th August 2017 (Sunday), a group of 200 people surrounded the GEMS church at Shergati. (GEMS Missionary Threatened and Bible Woman Beaten at Sherghati of Bihar). On the way to the church Bro. Dinesh was met by Bro. Barnabas who is the missionary pastor who took him to his house. The moment they entered the pastor’s house a group of 40 people surrounded and threatened to kill everyone. At the same time a group went to Bro. Dinesh’s house and searched for him there and warned his wife saying “If we see him again in the project we will burn him alive”.

The Lord has protected the lives of Bro. Dinesh and the missionary pastor Bro. Barnabas. In spite of the opposition and threats the regular activities are going on in the project. The opposers are those people who do not want the children of this marginalized people to be educated and for this community to be transformed.

Pray for this humanitarian project at Johapur that the Lord may strengthen the people to work with courage. Pray that the project may truly transform the entire community. Pray for the Spirit of God to touch the hearts and minds of the opposers that their eyes maybe opened to see and support the good works. 
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GEMS Missionary Bro Gunasekaran Invites for the Wedding of his Son

Senior missionary of GEMS Bro. K. Gunasekaran (Director, Hi-CHAL) invites everyone for the wedding of his son Ben Ebenezer which is to be held on 5th September 2017 evening at Vellore.

Kindly consider this as a personal invitation and grace the occasion with your presence; and pray for the couple and bless them.
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GEMS Church Believers Help Feed Victims of Floods in North Bihar

The recent floods have greatly affected the lives and properties of people in North Bihar. GEMS church at Majhaulia provided food for the flood victims of that area.

The floods have affected 19 districts of Bihar and the lives of more than 1.38 crores of people in Bihar and death toll rises to 379 (Source: GEMS fields of North & North West Region and Nepal has been affected. (Read more:

DAT Madhepura – The effect of floods in the District Advancement Team field Madhepura

Maithili Zone – many fields of Maithili Zone have also been affected


Chikani (House Church)

Madhubani & Darbhanga
People are displaced and the flood has forced people to live on the roadside.

PEACE 3 Zone (North West Region)
The believers of GEMS church at Majhaulia helped the victims of flood in this area by providing food through the coordination of the church pastor Bro. Singeshwar and Bro. Paul Abraham (NW Regional Director). Though the believers of this church are economically marginalized they sacrificially helped the affected the people.

Pray for the people of Bihar and Nepal who are affected by the floods. Pray for their rehabilitation and for their situation to become alright soon. Pray for those families who have lost their dear ones to know the Lord and to receive His comfort. Pray for the government and agencies involved in relief work to be able to reach out and help every victim. 
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Yudha Dvani (GEMS Kannada Magazine) August 2017 Issue

The August 2017 Issue of the GEMS Kannada magazine, Yudha Dvani is released and can be read online and downloaded. 

Read the message from the General Secretary of GEMS, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar in Yudha Dvani.

Click to Download – Yudha Dvani_Aug 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – Yudha Dvani_Aug 2017 (Online)

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GEMS Missionary at Aurangabad in Bihar Paulose Entered God’s Glory

Bro. Hermon Paulose who was serving with the GEMS for 22 years went to be with the Lord in the early hours of 23rdAugust 2017. He is survived by his wife and three children.

8 Oct 1967 - 23 Aug 2017
Bro. Paulose (aged 49) who was serving in GEMS since 1995 in GEMS went to be with the Lord at 12:00 am on 23rdAugust. He died of massive heart attack. GEMS family is deeply saddened by his sudden demise.

Bro. Paulose hails from Bandaria in the Palamu district of Jharkhand. While he was working as a mason in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh he attended a crusade in which Bro. Augustine Jebakumar preached. Paulose committed his life to Christ and joined GEMS to serve the Lord. He has worked with the construction department and is known for his sincerity and hard work. Apart from his work he has been instrumental in bringing construction workers to the Lord. At the time of his death he was involved with the Polytechnic College construction.

The funeral was held at Sikaria in the evening of 23rd August.

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Mary and two sons and one daughter; elder son Solomon has completed ITI, Blessy is a teacher in GEMS English School, Sikaria and Anugraha Ashish is studying in 12thStd at the same school. 

Pray that the Lord may comfort this family with His own comfort.
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GEMS Meetings in Tamil Nadu this August 2017

The Associate General Secretary of GEMS Dr. Ashok Kumar will be ministering in meetings from 25th to 30thAugust 2017 at Tirupattur, Krishnagiri, Hosur & Dharapuram.

Tirupattur – 25 Aug

Krishnagiri – 26 & 27 Aug

Hosur – 27 Aug

Dharapuram – 29 & 30 Aug

Pray! Propagate!! Participate!!!
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Atma Darshan (GEMS Hindi Magazine) Aug to Sep 2017 Issue

The Aug to Sep 2017 Issue of the GEMS Hindi magazine, Atma Darshan is released and can be read online & downloaded.

Click to read the letter from the General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and other articles. 

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