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Staff Development Program Inspires the Teachers of GEMS School at Dudhi

Two training programs were conducted for the teachers of GEMS English School at Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh. The programs reminded them of their responsibility to transform students.
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GEMS General Body Members Gather Together to Advance the Mission

The Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of GEMS was conducted at Sikaria, Bihar in which the GB members, Executive Committee and invitees participated. The Annual reports were presented and plans were discussed and the members prayed together.
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GEMS PROFIT Invites Professionals to the Global Conference

PROFIT(PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents) invites all Christian professionals to the Global Conference which will be held at GEMS Campus, Bihar from 18th to 20thOctober 2017.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of PROFIT and it is a joy to invite you, a Christian professional to the PROFIT Global Conference ‘Chosen for the High Calling’. PROFIT is an initiative of GEMS for Christian professionals to enable networking and equipping towards being a witness through their profession and at the workplace.

General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar invites you to the PROFIT Global Conference

Click to Register OnlinePROFIT Conference Online Registration

Prayfor the PROFIT Global Conference, the arrangements and the conference days; pray that it may create a momentum towards equipping and energizing the professionals to be transformers as individuals and as Christian professionals’ community. 
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Unity Special Issue of The CALL (GEMS English Magazine)

While on one hand we see nation against nation, community against community, family against family, man against man; on the other we see baseless arguments like that of Rajiv Malhotra (in his book ‘Breaking India’) that Christian work feeds and flourishes on the disunity within Indian communities. A lack of proper understanding of the Bible on unity is the reason.

Since there is no provision or possibility of uniting people without any differences and discrimination within any other framework and religious system, he attempts to degrade and dismantle the only Faith that can give equal rights to all people irrespective of their colour, language, geography. And the last book of the Bible shows us a glimpse of what it will be like when Christ returns and in His kingdom, “After this I looked, and there was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…” (Revelation 7:9 NRSV).

The world’s pursuit of unity yields not much results because of its failure in not pursuing the Truth as C.S. Lewis aptly words it, “Seek Unity and you will find neither Unity nor Truth. Seek the light of truth, and you will find Unity and Truth”. The oxymoron phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ makes sense and the meaningful and possible coexistence of unitas and varietas becomes achievable only when there is the pursuit of veritas (Truth). Devoid of Truth, the world’s sophomoric attempt at unity meets only with more disunity.  

In his article ‘To the Unity of the Faith’ the General Secretary compares the church, church leaders and ministers of the first century and present times and shows the dilution of truth in life and in proclamation. This is a clarion call to stand on the truth without compromising the Word.

The article from the Associate General Secretary’s Desk, ‘Clarity in Unity’ presents four foundational principles of Unity to help understand that unity is not uniformity rather a process of maturity.

Unity and Love as abstracts cannot be understood unless we come to the Personhood of the Trinity.  The more we learn and grow in the knowledge of our Triune God, the more we grow in unity. The Get Equipped article‘Trinity: Understanding the Three in One’ is biblically sound and encourages the reader to grow in unity and to practice godly love that exists within the Trinity.

Unity in essence needs to be experienced within a person (aligning oneself with God’s word), with people and in God’s purpose. The New Gen Thinking article ‘Walls: Build or Break?’ expounds on these and brings unity lessons from walls of historical significance. The ‘Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares’ sculpture in the UN Art Collection and the inscriptions on the Isaiah Wall across the UN building, “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more” (Isaiah 2:4b), is complete, meaningful and possible only when people walk in Truth, in God’s paths and when God shall judge among the nations (Isaiah 2:3,4a).

The Children’s Chronicles story ‘Raju’s Projects’ is a definite treat for children which shows how when small children come together they can make a big difference in someone’s life.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ is an excellent article for married couples and for those preparing for marriage which points out to the importance of commitment and not compulsion to be the anchor of marriage life.

The Tentmaking article ‘Dichotomy in Calling: Unifying Skills & Spiritual Gifts to Serve’ removes the dichotomy of secular and sacred and helps the reader to understand work as a calling from God and to unify and use one’s skills, abilities, gifts for God’s glory and for His purpose. 

This year, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. “To gather with God's people in united adoration of the Father is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer” remarked Martin Luther. This is a stark reminder for the need of unity within the church community. We are called to build the kingdom of God and not our own kingdoms.

We need yet another reformation, that will bring unity with the clarity that we are not called to compete with each other but to complement our graces and gifts; not to fight on fundamental doctrines and yet not compromise on sound doctrines; not to become self and church-obsessed, but to be kingdom-minded.  

Unifying Reading,
Mariyosh Joseph
Chief Editor, The CALL

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GEMS Training Helps Believers of Bihar and Jharkhand Understand Biblical Truths

The T1 training program was conducted at Alipur (M2 Zone) and Chandwa (P1 Zone). 200 believers participated and learnt Bible doctrines.
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Pray for GEMS Missionary Dayanand Who Met With Road Accident

Zonal Superintendent of GEMS Magahi 1 Zone (Bihar) Bro. Dayanand Singh met with a road accident on 9th July 2017 and has fractured his right hand.
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New GEMS School Started at Darbhanga of North Bihar

GEMS English School at Darbhanga was opened with prayer; admissions and the remaining constructions are going on.
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GEMS Action Centre Inaugurated at Bhabua of Bihar

The GEMS Action Centre (GAC) building was inaugurated at Bhabua, the headquarters of the GEMS Western Region. God’s work at Bhabua through GEMS began 44 years ago. 
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Admissions Open for Girls in GEMS School of Nursing

GEMS School of Nursing offers Auxiliary Nurse Midwife(ANM) course with a duration of two years. Admissions will be open only until 30th September 2017.
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Atma Darshan (GEMS Hindi Magazine) June to July 2017 Issue

The June to July 2017 Issue of the GEMS Hindi magazine, Atma Darshan is released and can be read online & downloaded.

Click to read the letter from the General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and other articles. 

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GEMS Satham (Tamil Magazine) July 2017 Issue

July 2017 Issue of the Tamil magazine, GEMS Satham is released and can be read online and downloaded.

Click to read the ‘Anbin Madal’ of the General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and the prayer matters from the fields.
Click to Download – GEMS Satham_July 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – GEMS Satham_July 2017 (Online)

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Theological Course in Bihar Equips GEMS Missionaries and Mission Workers

43 students successfully participated in the second semester of the Diploma in Applied theology course conducted by GEMS in partnership with Elim missions & Regents Theological College.
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GEMS Coaching Class Inaugurated in Maharashtra Village to Reach Students

GEMS Maharashtra inaugurated a coaching class at Kheravde village to help the children with their academic subjects and to know the Saviour.
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Play School Started to Reach Out to Kids and Parents in Maharashtra

GEMS Play School was started and inaugurated at Sangrul field of Maharashtra zone. This will help the missionaries to engage with the children and their parents with the good news.
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Yudha Dvani (GEMS Kannada Magazine) June 2017 Issue

The June 2017 Issue of the GEMS Kannada magazine, Yudha Dvani is released and can be read online and downloaded. 

Read the message from the General Secretary of GEMS, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar in Yudha Dvani.

Click to Download – Yudha Dvani_June 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – Yudha Dvani_June 2017 (Online)

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GEMS VVP Training Equips Believers of North West Region

GEMS Training wing conducted the VVP (Voluntary Village / Vicinity Pastors) training for the believers of GEMS North West Region. 28 people participated and were trained in biblical and ministerial subjects.
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Bro Augustine Jebakumar Meetings in London this June 2017

The General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar will minister God’s word in London from 16th to 18th June2017.

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GEMS Believers of Bihar Built in Biblical Truths to Effectively Testify Christ

GEMS Training department conducted the T1 training for believers of GEMS churches of Magahi 1 and PEACE 2 Zones through which 255 believers learnt Scriptural truths.
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Pray for GEMS Missionary Kid Down with Dengue

Samraj s/o GEMS missionary Bro. Rajadurai is diagnosed with Dengue and is admitted at Kiruba Hospital in Salem, Tamil Nadu for treatment. His blood count is low.

Pray for his healing and recovery.
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Children Learn Jesus as the Fountain of Life thru GEMS VBS in Bihar

GEMS conducted VBS at DAT field Motihari and at DCC Nimmiyadi and Baluwadi through which more than 1500 children learnt Jesus.
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