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GEMS PROFIT (PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents) conducts the Global Conference from 18thto 20th October 2017. Here is an opportunity for those who wish to join online.

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Mr. D. Augustine Jebakumar, CEO GEMS
Dr. Vijay Kant, CEO GIFT
Mr. Antony, CEO Navi software, Ex VP JIO
Dr. Rajesh Duthie, Associate Director, GEMS
Mr. Mariyosh Joseph, Chief Editor - The CALL
Dr. Ashok Kumar, Associate General Secretary, GEMS
Mr. Emerson, Executive Director, GEMS

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Opposition to the Gospel and Missionaries On Rise in Many Districts of Jharkhand

GEMS missionary was threatened & abused by Bajrang Dal in Hazaribagh; believers were threatened to not to go to church in Palamu and VHP in its meeting at Dumka has threatened Christian missionaries to leave India.

Missionary Abused in Hazaribagh
Bro. Bhola Prasad serves as a missionary at Badkagaon of Hazaribagh (PEACE 1 Zone). On 5th October 2017 when he was returning home after ministry, around 12:30 PM four people belonging to Bajrang Dal took hold of Bro. Bhola, snatched his bag & phone, tore all the gospel tracts and broke his bicycle. Having pressed a wooden rod to his chest they forced him to say “Jai Bajrang Bali” and “Mai Hindu Hoon” (I am a Hindu). When he refused to say they threatened to kill him and used abusive words. They took video of this entire incident and threatened him to leave the place and to preach Jesus.

Believers Threatened in Palamu
On 1st Oct 2017 a group of RSS members threatened the Christian believers of GEMS church, Rajhara in the Palamu District (Jharkhand Zone) to not to go to church. After this incident some of the old believers of the church went and met with the opposers and asked them the reason for stopping the believers from going to church, for which they had no reason. By the grace of God, the church service was conducted peacefully on 8th October.

On 20th Oct 2016 the Sangh affiliates published false news in Dainik Jagran against the GEMS church here (

Missionary Service Threatened in Dumka
On 9th October 2017 Dainik Jagran reported on the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) two days program held in the Agrasan Bhawan, Dumka. One of the regional leaders Dr. Surendra Jain threatened the Christian missionaries to leave India and that they will hold a rally ‘Leave India’ and that they will not let even a single Christian missionary to live in India. This is a direct threat to the lives of Christians and Christian missionaries whose contribution to the development of the State of Jharkhand is mountainous and its foundation; either it be education or medical or humanitarian services.

Pray for the opposition which is against the Christians and missionaries in Jharkhand. Pray for the recent incidents of threatening of believers & missionaries at Hazaribagh, Palamu and Dumka. Pray for the believers to be strong in the Lord and for their and the missionaries’ protection. Pray that they opposers may know the truth of the gospel & the love of Jesus and may also realize the contribution of Christian missionaries to the state of Jharkhand. 
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GEMS Invites to the Inauguration of the House of Prayer at Belwaniya

The GEMS House of Prayer at Belwaniya (PEACE 2 Zone / NW Region) will be inaugurated on 15th October 2017.

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GEMS Missionary Mohan Raj Underwent Heart Surgery and is in ICU

GEMS STORM (STudents Out Reach Ministry) missionary Bro. A. Mohan Raj is being treated at CMC, Vellore for multiple heart diseases since Feb 2017. Twice he underwent heart surgery and is in ICU.

Bro. Mohan Raj was admitted in CMC, Vellore in February 2017 with only 25 % heart pumping ability ( His condition was deteriorating. He underwent a heart surgery and within some days he had to undergo another emergency procedure on 5th October 2017 and he was in ICU in ventilator.

His condition improved in the evening of 6thOctober and he has been shifted to semi ICU. He is having difficulty in breathing. But he could walk very slowly, step-by-step.

Please pray for Mohan Raj’s complete healing and total recovery. Pray for his wife and daughter as well that they may receive the grace and strength during this tough time.

Pray for Jasper Masih who is a GEMS Homes kid and an alumni of GEMS English School. He was admitted at CSI Mission Hospital, Trichy for Dengue on 29th Sep 2017 and his platelets count was low. By the grace of God, the platelets increased and he is discharged now. 

Pray for his total recovery. Pray for the other MKs who are studying along with him in Bishop Heber College, Trichy that they may be protected from Dengue and other diseases. Pray for their testimonial life that they be witness Christ to other students. 
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GEMS Maharashtra Creates Awareness on Child Abuse in a Village School

Child Abuse awareness program was conducted in a village school at Maral by Maharashtra team through which teachers, parents, children and local leaders were educated on ways of prevention and protection.

The Child Abuse awareness at a village school in Maral (Konkan) of Maharashtra was conducted on 26th September 2017. In this program five teachers, twenty parents, eighty-three children and two local leaders attended.

Bro. Sanjay Panhalkar (Zonal Superintendent, Maharashtra), Bro. Meghnath, Bro. Ravi, Bro. Nitin represented GEMS in the program. Bro. Amit took the session on child abuse and Bro. Meghnath concluded the meeting with the final talk.

Through this program the teachers, parents & children were taught on how to protect the children from any abuse. There was a good response from the teachers and the parents. GEMS Maharashtra could establish good contact with this school and the community through this program.

Pray for all the teachers, parents and leaders who participated in the Child Abuse awareness program that they may help protect the children. Pray for all the children that they may be safeguarded from abuse. Pray that through this newly established contact the children and the elders may know Jesus who calls everyone into His kingdom of righteousness, peace & joy. Pray for all the ministries of GEMS Maharashtra. 
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