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Sunday School Teachers Strengthened at Shahpur to Serve Children Effectively

GEMS Children department conducted training for the Sunday School teachers at Shahpur, Bihar through which 90 volunteers were equipped with new methods.

The Sunday School teachers training for GEMS PEACE 2 zone was conducted at Shahpur on 8th & 9thDec 2017.

The meeting started with opening prayer by Bro. Kanahya Kumar (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 2) who welcomed the participants. Opening session was led by Bro. R.P. Timothy (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 2). Then Bro. Sachin (Sunday School Ministries In-Charge) shared about the qualities of a good Sunday class teacher and taught on Bible meditation & Victorious Life. He also took the Sandhya session.

In the afternoon session Bro. Ashok Pal (JET In-Charge) taught how to take Bible Lesson and how to lead a child to Christ. He also conducted motivating games and taught some crafts to the participants. Then Bro. Dharmendra Das (School Ministries In-Charge) took class on Salvation.

The second day started with Personal Bible reading and teaching session through Morning Devotion was led by Bro. Ravindra Kumar (CD staff). The meeting came to an end with the closing session by Bro. Sachin. Singing, worship and action songs on all the days was conducted by Bro. Ashok Pal, Bro. Ravindra Kumar & Bro. Sachin.

Prayfor all the Sunday School teachers of PEACE 2 zone who participated in the training. Pray that they may effectively apply their training in their ministry among children to make a great impact in the Sunday Schools. Pray that the children may know & grow in the knowledge of Jesus and to impact their families towards transformation.
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GEMS Missionary Sister Roseline Rani Entered God's Glory

Sis. Roseline Rani w/o Bro. Rajadurai (Sikaria) passed away on 12th December 2017. The funeral service took place at Mudalur today, 13th December.

GEMS missionary Sister Roseline Rani (aged 57) served with GEMS for 21 years. She served in the Hospitality Services department in Sikaria, Bihar as in-charge of the Canteen. She was diagnosed with terminal stage Pancreatic Cancer, in October 2017 and was under treatment.

She passed away at 5:57 PM on 12thDecember 2017. The funeral service was conducted today, 13th December 2017 at 11:30 AM at South Street, Pudur, Mudalur.

Sis. Roseline Rani hailed from Puthantharuvai, a place near Thisayanvilai of Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu. After her father passed away when she was a teen, she came closer to Christ. After marriage as a family they moved to Pondicherry for work. In 1996 they committed to go as missionaries in one of Bro. Augustine Jebakumar’s meetings and joined GEMS in March 1996. After serving at Karwandiya for few months they moved to Sikaria.

She was a woman of prayer; a loving mother & a caring person. Though they faced many issues as a family and ministry, her prayers kept them going and enabled them to continue to serve the Lord. Sis. Rani was known for her hospitality and service mindedness. She would not turn anyone away and would somehow find a way to fulfil the needs of the people who visited the canteen. Her love & concern for people’s welfare won the hearts of many.

GEMS family is deeply saddened at the demise of Sis. Roseline. She is survived by her husband Bro. Rajadurai, daughter Jebamani and two sons, Lalith & Sam Raj. Please pray for the comfort of her family members.
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Cleanliness of Place and Holiness of Life Taught Thru Village Programs in Maharashtra

GEMS Maharashtra through Village Gospel Program (VGP) shared the message of cleanliness & holiness in the villages of Malkapur & 32 Shirala.

Malkapur VGP
VGP was conducted in Malkapur at village Wakoli on 5th Dec 2017 and at village Manjare on 6th Dec 2017. More than 300 people attended the meetings. Bro. Amit Powar (Area Leader) & Bro. Meghnath Powar (Maharashtra Training Coordinator) led the programs.

During the day the GEMS Maharashtra team cleaned the villages and taught the importance of cleanliness. In the afternoon Child Abuse awareness program was conducted in schools.

In the evening Gospel was shared and the people showed good response. Gospel tracts and New Testaments copies were also distributed.

Shirala VGP
VGP was conducted in Shirala at Kherivade village from 28th to 30th Nov 2017. More than 200 people attended the meeting. Bro. Amit Powar led the meetings.

The village was cleaned and Sis. Stuti Kamble (Nurse) shared about cleanliness. Child Abuse awareness program was conducted for children and Bro. Hrishikesh Lad shared on it.           

Gospel skit was presented and the gospel was shared meaningfully. There was good response and people have begun to show interest in the gospel.

Prayfor all the people who heard the gospel in Malkapur & Shirala of Maharashtra. 
Pray that they may open their heart and mind for the Holy Spirit to work in them and to lead them towards salvation. 
Pray for the GEMS Maharashtra ministries to transform this state with the word and work of the gospel. 
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GEMS Missionaries Beaten In North Bihar During Christmas Meeting

GEMS Christmas Milan was being conducted at Madhepura (North Bihar). Bajrang Dal & Sangh affiliates stormed the meeting ground, stopped the meeting & severely bet the missionaries.
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Youths and Children of Bihar and Jharkhand Commit to Live and to be Led by Christ

GEMS conducted youth conventions at Darbhanga, Karwandiya, Sasaram, of Bihar and Chandwa of Jharkhand. 715 youths were reached through these conventions.

Maithili Youth Convention
The youth convention of Maithili zone was conducted at Darbhanga from 24th to 26th Nov 2017 in which 195 youths participated.

Bro. Sam Richard (STORM Patna) ministered to the youths through messages. Bro. Manilal (Zonal Superintendent, Maithili), Bro. Paul (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, Maithili), Area Leaders Bro. Mahesh & Bro. Gupta also shared the word and exhorted the youths.

Bro. Ravi (Dean, TBC-Darbhanga) led the youths in praise & worship. Bro. Rajkumar, Bro. Munna & Bro. Bhagwan of GEMS Children Department engaged the youths with activities. Group discussion was also held which helped the youths learn by sharing.

Sikaria Youth Convention
The youth convention of Sikaria zone was conducted at Karwandiya from 10th to 12th Nov 2017 in which 200 youths participated.

Bro. Stephen Rajakumar, GEMS missionary pastor at Karwandiya organized the convention. Bro. Suresh Dhanakumar (Jamshedpur), Bro. Ashish Daniel (GYM Coordinator) & GYM team and Bro. P.C. Johnson (Zonal Superintendent, Sikaria) ministered to the youths.

The youths were exhorted from the Bible and were motivated through various activities, games and skits.

B2 Youth Convention
The youth convention of Bhojpuri 2 zone was conducted at Sasaram from 8th to 10th Nov 2017 in which 220 youths participated.

GYM team ministered to the youths along with Bro. Christopher Murugan (Training) and Bro. Daniel Jesudasan (Dean,TBC-Sikaria).

Bro. Vincent Jeyaraj (Western Regional Director) and Bro. Anandan (Zonal Superintendent, B2) also exhorted the youths. Bro. Reuben Krishnamoorthy, the missionary pastor of Karwandiya organized this convention.

PEACE 1 Youth Convention
The youth convention of PEACE 1 zone was conducted at Chandwa, Jharkhand from 20th to 22nd Nov 2017 in which 100 youths participated.

The meetings were organized by Bro. Santhappan (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 1). Bro. Ashish Daniel, Bro. Daniel Jesudasan and Bro. Jerry Victor ministered to the youths.

Prayfor all the youths who participated in the youth conventions at Darbhanga, Karwandiya, Sasaram and Chandwa. Pray for their spiritual growth and that they may lead fruitful life. Pray that their life may reflect their overflowing joy in Christ and may enable others youths to seek such transformation.
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