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GEMS Meetings Encourage Missionaries and Exhort Youths in Nepal

Fasting prayer was conducted for the missionaries of GEMS Nepal in which 24 people participated. A meeting for the young people was conducted in which 150 youths attended.

Fasting Prayer
Three days fasting prayer was conducted for the missionaries and Bible Men & Bible Women of Nepal from 29thNov to 1st Dec 2017.

Dr. Ashok (Associate General Secretary, GEMS) and Bro. Benjamin Norton (Regional Director, Northern Region) ministered to the workers and addressed the topics of Reconciliation with God, Self-Denial and Passion for Jesus. The meeting greatly revived the workers and they were specifically encouraged through the word from Isaiah 4:2 “…And the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and appealing for those of Israel who have escaped.”

Youth Meeting
GYM (GEMS Yuvac Manch) conducted a meeting for the youths at Jeetpur in Nepal on 15th & 16th Oct 2017. Area Leader Bro. Purushotam, Bro. Vijay (Administrator, GEMS Nepal) and Bro. Bennis Paul (Facilitator, GEMS Nepal) coordinated the program.

Messages were shared by Bro. Wesley from Hyderabad with whom a team had come and Bro. Daniel (Dean, TBC), Bro. Ashish Daniel (GYM Coordinator) and Bro. Stephen (Chennai).

Bro. Jerry led the youths in praise and worship. He along with Bro. Ashish also conducted games, activities and skit.

The meeting helped the youths to understand their life’s purpose and to commit their life to live for Jesus.

Prayfor all the missionaries and Bible Men & Women of GEMS Nepal. 
Pray that they may serve with fervency and integrity in building God’s kingdom. 
Prayfor the youths who attended the meeting that they may grow in the knowledge of God’s word and to lead a testimonial life and to lead other youths to Christ. 
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Skill Development Workshops Equip GEMS Polytechnic and ITI Students of Bihar

GEMS ITI, Karwandiya conducted Personality Development & Facing Interviews workshop and GEMS Polytechnic College, Aurangabad conducted Placement Guidance program.

ITI Personality Development & Facing Interviews workshop
GEMS ITI at Karwandiya conducted a half day workshop on Personality Development, Facing Interview and the need for Jesus on 25th Nov 2017. Around 200 students attended the event and were blessed.

Bro. Daniel Murugan, Principal of ITI started the event with prayer. GYM (GEMS Yuvac Manch) team was invited to conduct the program. Bro. Stanley, missionary serving in Baulia helped in skit and music.

Personality development talk through short videos, demonstrations, activities, song and skit was conducted by Bro. Ashish Daniel (GYM Coordinator). Finally, gospel was shared with emphasis on need for Jesus in one's life.

Polytechnic Placement Guidance program
To make the students to indulge in the spirit of preparation and make them ready for the placement battle, a placement guidance program was organized during our IMPETUS event by GEMS Polytechnic College on 21st Oct 2017.

Amidst the fleet of vibrant GEMS Polytechnic College Students Bro. Ashish Daniel (Director, Polytechnic College), staff members and the cardinal people of the day Bro. Bernard (CEO of Foresee Solutions), Bro. Suresh Kumar (Vice president of Foresee Solutions), Bro. Arun Kumar, a Professional Expert from Toyota Kilrloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd and Miss. Sarah, a Psychology student. The event got opened up with the prayers of Principal at GEMS Polytechnic College Auditorium by 10:00 AM.

Bro. Suresh Kumar presented few moral points to the students by displaying a video clip. He also urged the Students to be unique, passionate and willing to gain knowledge and wisdom. Bro. Arun in his speech shared about his experience in Toyota threw light on what a company expects from a fresher and he also emphasised the students to find their passion and advised them to furnish their character and behaviour for a successful Career.

Bro. Bernard shared his personal experiences to let the students know better that how to get placed in a reputed company. shared his testimony of how God helped him to give up all his bad habits and placed him in a good company. He exhorted the Students to fix their field of interest and asked them to focus on developing their skills in that field.
Followed by that came the "Students Query session" where students questioned the professional experts about importance of communication and ways to develop their communication skills and ideas like reading standard English books, listening to English NEWS and Mirror talk practice were given as suggestions by the resource people.

Sarah being a psychology student gave voice more for the importance of practicing moral values in life and also shared how moral principles she followed played a great in role in her life’s development. she stressed about the substance of being high minded with her personal experiences and motivated the students to be righteous always. The students found this event more beneficial as it assisted them to do their career planning and offered information that helped them to give a direction to their aspirations and interests.

Prayfor all the students who attended the skill development workshops in GEMS Polytechnic College and ITI in Bihar. Praythat they may put to practice what they learnt. Pray that their life and moral values maybe inspired through the life of Jesus towards transformed living. 
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GEMS Satham (Tamil Magazine) December 2017 Issue

December 2017 Issue of the Tamil magazine, GEMS Satham is released and can be read online and downloaded.

Click to read the ‘Anbin Madal’ of the General Secretary of GEMS Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and the prayer matters from the fields.
Click to Download – GEMS Satham_Dec 2017 (Download)

Click to Read Online – GEMS Satham_Dec 2017 (Online)

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Pray for the Hospitalized Missionary Ashok and Missionary Kid Emi

GEMS missionary Bro. Ashok (Sikaria) was diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema and is admitted in Sasaram. Baby Emi d/o GEMS missionary Bro. Prabhakaran (PEACE 3) is admitted in Coimbatore for Dengue.

Pray for Ashok Uncle
GEMS missionary Bro. Ashok (Welfare Dept) was admitted at GEMS Hospital and diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema. On 28thNovember he fell unconscious in the washroom. He was having much difficulty in breathing. Dialysis of the kidney was also needed to be done.
He has had heart ailments previously and underwent Bypass Surgery earlier. His children Bro. Ranjith & Bro. Raja are GEMS Missionaries.

He was shifted to Narayan Medical College & Hospital, Sasaram on 30th November. Many began to pray for him. There has been much improvement in his health and is able to breathe well. He didn’t require dialysis also.

Pray for Baby Emi
Emi, daughter of GEMS missionary Bro. Prabha Karan is diagnosed with Dengue and is admitted at Masonic Medical Centre for Children at Coimbatore since 29th November 2017. Her platelets count is drastically decreasing.

Emi is 1 years and 6 months and her parents serve as missionaries at Nadda-Bhairoganj field (PEACE 3 Zone) in North Bihar.

PraiseGod for the improvement in Bro. Ashok’s health. 
Pray for his total healing and recovery. 
Pray for Baby Emi’s health that the platelets count may increase and to be restored to good health. 
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Legal Awareness Training Equips Believers and Pastors of Jharkhand in Legal Aspects

HiCHAL (Hindi Churches Alliance) in partnership with ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) and All Churches Council (ACC) of Daltonganj, Jharkhand conducted a legal training which benefited 350 people.
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