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Convention Strengthens Children and Believers of Mithilanchal in Christ

GEMS Maithili Zone conducted Children Convention in which 250 children and Soul Winners Convention in which 275 believers attended.

Children Convention
GEMS convention for the children of Maithili Zone was conducted at Madhubani from 13th to 15thOct 2017 in which 250 children attended.

The missionaries of GEMS children department conducted various sessions and through songs, activities, games, puppet shows shared the message of ‘Overflowing Life’ to the children.

Soul Winners Convention
The convention for the believers of Maithili Zone was conducted at Madhubani from 15th to 17thSep 2017 in which 275 believers attended.

The messages were shared by Bro. Naveen David (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, Jharkhand). Bro. Manilal Das (Zonal Superintendent, Maithili Zone) coordinated and organized the children and soul winners’ convention.

The children convention helped the children to know and grow in Christ. The soul winners’ convention encouraged the believers to witness Christ. Pray for all the children who attended the convention to grow in the knowledge of God’s word. Pray for the believers to become effective witnesses of Christ that their life and words may bring people to Christ. 
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Courses Continue to Help GEMS Missionaries Pursue Theology thru Extension

GEMS conducted the B.Th course and the D.Th course (in partnership with Elim missions & Regents Theological College) through which 52 candidates were equipped.

Bachelor of Theology Course
The 8th semester of the B.Th. course was conducted by the GEMS training department from 9th to 14thOct 2017 at GEMS campus in Sikaria, Bihar. 14 candidates attended this semester.

The following subjects were taken by GEMS resource persons.
Resource Person
Bro. Paul Bance
Cult & Occult
Bro. C. Suresh
Biblical Theology of Missions
Bro. T. Emerson
Bro. Christopher
Bro. Mariyosh Joseph
Contemporary Issues in Missions

Diploma in Applied Theology Course
The third module of the D.Th. course was held at GEMS campus from 18th to 22nd Sep 2017 in which 48 candidates attended.

The following subjects were taken by GEMS resource persons.
Resource Person
Bro. Christopher
Christian Leadership
Bro. Mariyosh Joseph
Christian Apologetics
Bro. C. Suresh
Crisis Management in Leadership

The courses greatly help the missionaries to pursue theology and to be equipped with biblical knowledge without leaving their field of work.

Pray for the missionaries who are pursuing B.Th and D.Th courses. Pray that they may be equipped and enriched to present the gospel effectively. 
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Workshop Equips Staff Working Among Children to Effectively Handle Trauma Issues

GEMS conducted Trauma Workshop for the staff of the Humanitarian services wing. 100 people participated and learnt to deal with issues of troubled children & to care for them effectively.

The Trauma Workshop for the GEMS Humanitarian Services wing staff was conducted at GEMS campus in Sikaria, Bihar from 3rd to 5th Oct 2017. Staff of RAGAM, RAHAB, OPP & Homes projects and Safe House staff attended this workshop in which the ‘Beyond Barriers’ team from Bangalore were the resource people.

The Trauma handling sessions were led handled by Beyond Barriers Team’s Bro. George Ebenezer and his wife Sis. Manju and team members Bro. Daniel and Sis. Steffy.

On the first day of the training program the team beautifully brought few scenarios which described the story of a child being abused and the participants were made to do a case study on it and to come up with their responsive actions at such a situation.

From second day onwards the team focused on how could one be a perfect caregiver towards a child who is in trauma and that how one should have certain essential skills to handle the wounded children.

There were many activities pertaining to trauma which helped the participants to measure their level of handling the children and to improve, realizing their spots of strengths and weaknesses. The workshop benefitted everyone practically and helped them to become a good caregiver and to apply these in their respective places.

Prayfor all the participants of the Trauma Workshop that they may imbibe the learning into their life and work. 
Praythat they may serve as good and godly caregivers who will help children affected by trauma to enjoy total deliverance. 
Pray for all the ministries of GEMS Humanitarian Services. 
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Join the Live Streaming of PROFIT Global Conference Online

GEMS PROFIT (PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents) conducts the Global Conference from 18thto 20th October 2017. Here is an opportunity for those who wish to join online.

Sign up for the link at
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Mr. D. Augustine Jebakumar, CEO GEMS
Dr. Vijay Kant, CEO GIFT
Mr. Antony, CEO Navi software, Ex VP JIO
Dr. Rajesh Duthie, Associate Director, GEMS
Mr. Mariyosh Joseph, Chief Editor - The CALL
Dr. Ashok Kumar, Associate General Secretary, GEMS
Mr. Emerson, Executive Director, GEMS

Conference Schedule:

Pray! Participate!! Propagate!!!
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Camp for GEMS Missionary Children Creates Great Impact in MKs

GEMS MK (Missionary Kids) department conducted a camp for the teen children of missionaries. 200 MKs participated in this camp which was conducted in partnership with Beyond Barriers in the theme ‘Game Over’.

The teens camp for the GEMS MKs was conducted at GEMS Polytechnic College (GPC) campus, Aurangabad from 29thSep to 2nd Oct 2017. Bro. George Ebenezer & team of Beyond Barriers, Bangalore ministered in this camp. MK Department Coordinator Sis. Christy Bance coordinated this camp.

Senior GEMS MKs and lecturers of GPC contributed through counselling the MKs and in praying along with them.

The Beyond Barriers team addressed the issues of Peer Pressure & Conflicts, Relationship, Quiet Time with God, etc. The practical exercise of 45 minutes’ quiet time motivated the MKs to practice it every day.

Activities and games encourage the teens and also taught them many valuable lessons.

One of the participants who did not believe in God, experienced His presence and love. Another who felt that there is no one to love him or her understood how much he or she is precious to God.  A teen struggling with suicidal thoughts understood and experienced the nearness of God in their life. The questions of many teens were answered.

In the Leaders Fasting Prayer conducted in 2015 there was a prophecy that the Lord will keep His hand upon the Missionary children and that He will remove the dirt of sin from them and will make springs to come forth from them. This prophecy was seen to be fulfilled in this camp.

View the montage of this MK Teens Camp (

Pray for all the teen MKs who participated in the camp. 
Pray for their steadfast growth in the Lord and to stand in their commitments. 
Pray that they may receive the strength to withstand all temptations and to be victorious that God’s name maybe glorified through them. 
Pray for God’s great purposed to be fulfilled in and through them. 
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