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GEMS Retreat Motivates Young People of North Bihar to be Witnesses

GYM, the GEMS church youth ministry wing conducted youth retreats at Darbhanga and Madhubani. 190 youths participated and were encouraged to live for & to testify Christ.

GYM (GEMS Yuvac Manch) conducted an evangelistic and revival meeting at GEMS church in Darbhanga in the theme ‘Safar’ (Journey) on 5th Aug 2017 in which 80 youths participated.

Bro. Daniel (Dean, TBC-Sikaria), Bro. Ashish (Coordinator, GYM) and Bro. Jerry (RAGAM projects) shared the messages. Missionaries Bro. Dilip (Darbhanga) and Bro. Stanley (Baulia) led the participants in praise and worship.

Bro. Ravi (Darbhanga TBC) shared his testimony and Bro. Ashish involved the students through a video activity. Skit on overcoming temptation was also presented. The meeting was coordinated by Bro. Mahesh, missionary pastor of this church, Bro. Deva Prakash (GES Darbhanga) and Bro. Ravi.

All the participants committed their life Christ in prayer to be His witness.

The youth retreat at GEMS church Madhubani was conducted by GYM on 6th Aug in which 110 youths participated.

Bro. Daniel, Bro. Ashish and Bro. Jerry shared the messages. Bro. Dilip and Bro. Stanley led the participants in praise and worship.

The meeting was coordinated by Bro. Manilal Das (Zonal Superintendent, Maithili Zone).

Through the both the retreats the youths were encouraged to grow in Christ and to witness Him among their friends and family.

Pray for all the youths who attended the GYM retreat at Darbhanga and Madhubani. Pray that they may grow in the love of Christ and in the knowledge of His word. Pray that they may guard their holiness and that their lives maybe powerful testimony to the power of the gospel. 
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GEMS Missionary Threatened and Bible Woman Beaten at Sherghati of Bihar

A group of fanatics threatened Bro. Barnabas Bengali who serves as missionary at Sherghati near Gaya, to stop preaching the gospel & conducting church. Sis. Sheila Devi the Bible Woman was beaten and Bible was torn.

On 9th August 2017 a group of people entered the house of GEMS missionary Bro. Barnabas at Sherghatti and manhandled & abused him and they threatened him and told him to stop conducting church and to stop preaching Jesus. Three days back they also visited the house owner and threatened him to vacate Bro. Barnabas from his house.

In April 2017 the Bible Woman of this church Sis. Sheila Devi was beaten by anti-Christian elements and they tore the Bible in front of the villagers.

There has been continuous persecution and opposition to the gospel work in Gaya district this year and this is the fourth incident this year.

Christian Missionaries Continuously Threatened and Persecuted in Bihar -
Masked Men Manhandle and Beat Missionary in Bihar for Preaching Jesus -

On one side when there is persecution, on the other side we see old mission properties being sold and misused. This is an old mission compound and cemetery at Shergati which is now a cinema hall.

Prayfor this one-year-old project at Johapur near Shergati which benefits the highly marginalized community of Musahar -

Pray for this continuous opposition to the gospel at Shergati and in Gaya district of Bihar; pray for the protection of the missionaries and believers and for them to be steadfast in the Lord. Pray that there may be a greater growth of ministry. Pray for the opposers to know Jesus and to be transformed. 
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GEMS STORM Freshers Meet Helps Build Fellowship with Allahabad Students

GEMS STORM (STudents Out Reach Ministry) conducted a meeting for the college freshers of Allahabad. 25 students participated.

A freshers meet was organized by GEMS STORM at Allahabad by Bro. Vijin Samuel on 7th August 2017. 25 students from different colleges participated in this meeting which was conducted in the theme ‘Arise and Shine’.

The program was a good introduction for many new students to the work of STORM. It helped to build fellowship with them.

Pray for all the students who attended the freshers meet at Allahabad. Pray that they may know and grow in Christ. Pray that the colleges in Allahabad maybe reached through these students; that the students may be touched and transformed into godly people through the gospel.
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Students of Jehanabad Submit to be Witnesses in GEMS Meeting

A meeting for the students of GEMS church Makhdumpur, DCC & NET ministry students was conducted at GEMS Action Centre, Makhdumpur in which 40 students participated.

GEMS STORM Patna & GEMS Action Centre, Makhdumpur joined hands to disciple the students of Jehanabad district. The meeting was conducted on 2nd & 3rd August 2017 at GAC Makhdumpur in which local church students, DCC students, NET Jehanabad students & new students participated. Nearly 40 students attended the program for two days and were blessed.

Day – One
The Program started with word of Prayer by Bro. A. Raja, (Incharge, GEMS Action Centre, Makhdumpur) continued with songs & worship. During the introduction session the students introduces themselves and were divided into 4 groups.

The theme of the Students Meeting was, “YOU ARE MY WITNESSES” (Isaiah 43:10). After introduction during first session the theme message was shared by Bro. Sam Richard (GEMS STORM Patna) asking them two questions – 1) Who are you & 2) What are you doing here on this earth? Three important truths were focused here 1) Know Your God, 2) Believe Your God & 3) Understand Your God.

After the tea break in the second session students were taught about “SPIRITUAL WARFARE” and how can a teenager overcome his battle with invisible enemies. Understanding God given will-power to fight against the power of darkness was emphasized here. God opened the closed minds & hearts of many students in this session.

Post lunch session was activity time and students participated in maze game by which they learnt the importance of observation, involvement, process, procedures, patience, diligence, strategy & team work. Sis. Archana (Tailoring Institute Incharge) helped during the activity.

In the third session Bro. Jithan (Computer Centre Staff) led the participants in song time after which students were given opportunity to learn & discern their “SPIRITUAL IDENTITY”. Three important lessons with bible references as evidence were discussed – 1) knowing Your God, 2) Knowing Yourself & 3) Knowing Your Enemy.

After Evening tea break, during Sandhya session Bro. Sunny (Computer Centre Incharge) led the students in song time, continued with worship by Bro. Sam Richard & the Word of God was shared by Bro. Reuben (Digha, Patna). It was a message on friendship and encouraged the students by, “HOW TO CHOOSE A FRIEND” (Proverbs 12:26). Two important points were highlighted – 1) Choosing righteous friends makes you to stay in God & 2) Choosing wicked friends makes you to go astray from God. A Case study of real life incident of choosing careless friend led to divorce of a marriage on same day was discussed. Finally, at the end of first day during prayer time students were asked to renounce their unwanted friendship & return to safety zone.

Day - Two
It started with morning devotion, Sis. Vasanthi Kumari (Tailoring unit girl) led in song time, Bro. Sam conducted worship and Bro. B.N. Singh (GEMS NET Ministries Coordinator) shared the word of God regarding fear of God & to bear fruits worthy of repentance.

During the morning session Sis. Mary Christy (GEMS STORM Patna) spoke about “TEMPTATIONS MAKES OR BREAKS YOU.” In her first talk she gave testimony of four people who failed during their temptations and its result was loss of virginity & death – 1) Shechem/Dinah 2) David/Bathsheba 3) Amnon/Tamar 4) Samson/Delilah. After tea break, in her second talk she gave testimony of another four people who overcame their temptations and its result was gain of honor & Power – 1) Joseph/Potiphar’s Wife 2) Boaz/Ruth 3) Daniel/Nebuchadnezzar 4) Jesus/Satan.

Post lunch session we had an activity time by which students learned the important of STAGES OF DEPENDENCY (self, family, friend, community, and church) to achieve success & be fruitful.

In the final session, Bro. Sam led the students on the topic, “PRAYER IN PRACTICE” and students learnt practically how to pray individually, as a friend, as a family, as a small group, as a class, as a community, as a citizen, as a child of God. Various prayer request was kept before them and they prayed in groups. At the end of the program Bro. A. Raja gave vote of thanks respectively to concerned people and it came to close with the word of prayer on the evening of second day.

Pray for the students who attended the meeting at Makhdumpur. Pray for them to continue to grow as true disciples of Jesus Christ by growing in relationship with Him and by walking in His word. Pray that they may become effective witnesses to other students and youths. 
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Teen Girls Taught to Live Victoriously in and thru Christ at Ramgarh

A meeting for girls was conducted at GEMS church Ramgarh in Bihar (Bhojpuri 1 Zone) through which 44 girls were strengthened in Christ.

The meeting for teen girls was conducted at GEMS church in Ramgarh on 5th August 2017. 44 girls and wives of 5 missionaries attended the meeting which was organized by Bro. Jaigobind Marcus (Area Leader) with the support of Bro. S.R. Cornelius (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 1).

GEMS MK Sis. C. Blessy (Asst. Professor, SHUATS) shared the messages to the participants on the love of God (John 3:16) and encouraged them to seek the Lord (Prov 8:17; Matt 6:33). The girls were warned to flee from lusty desires and to protect themselves through prayer and by meditating the Bible every day. She also presented Joseph’s life as an example.

Sis. Anita Cornelius took one session based on Genesis 34:1 and 2 Samuel 13:7-14. The meeting was closed with final exhortation by Bro. Cornelius from Psalm 119:8,9. Bro. Marcus, Bro. Janak Prasad and Bro. Arun Kumar led everyone in prayer time.

Pray for all the participants of the teen girls meeting at Ramgarh to keep themselves pure by prayer and by walking in God’s word. Pray for God’s protection upon their life. Pray that they may through their separated living influence other girls to follow Christ. 
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