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General Surgery and Gynaecological Camp at GEMS Hospital in Feb 2017

GEMS Hospital at Sikaria, Bihar will conduct special surgical camp from 16thto 18th Feb 2017. 

General Surgeries (जनरल सर्जरी) and Cancer Surgeries (कैंसर सर्जरी) will be performed and all issues related to Gynaecology (स्त्री रोग) will be diagnosed & treated.

Doctors from the FMMI team will diagnose and treat the patients. Register before 15thFebruary. For further details, contact – 7482040404 / 9472322819.

Kindly inform the missionaries and believers who will be benefitted through this surgery and gynaecology camp. Pray for this medical camp; pray for all the arrangements and for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the patients.
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