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GEMS Meetings Uplift Persecuted People of Uttar and Madhya Pradesh

GEMS Sonebhadra Zone conducted revival meetings in the GEMS fields at Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. The believers were greatly encouraged through the Bible to be firm in Christ amidst persecutions.
Revival meetings were conducted at the various GEMS churches and fields in Uttar & Madhya Pradesh. The meetings were organized by Bro. Praveen Das (Zonal Superintendent, Sonebhadra Zone) along with the missionaries Bro. Prabhakaran, Bro. Samuel Shake, Bro. Gyandas & Bro. John Happiness. Bro. Praveen and his wife Sis. Mamta shared the word of God and encouraged the believers.
A revival meeting was held at Deogaon village of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh on 10th Feb 2017.
Meeting was held at the Chuchi village of Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh on 8th & 9th Feb 2017. In spite of many persecutions God is enabling us to reap a bigger harvest in this place.
On 3rd Feb a meeting was held at Kachnarwa village near Anpara, Uttar Pradesh.

Pray for all the missionaries and believers of Uttar & Madhya Pradesh to be strong in the Lord and in His word. Pray for the churches here to continue to bring transformation to the villages and towns in these places through the gospel. 
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