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GEMS Crusade Causes People to Commit to Christ at Kairo

GEMS PEACE 1 Zone conducted a mini crusade at Kairo of Jharkhand through which 300 people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The crusade at the Kairo village in the Lohardaga district was conducted from 9th to 11th Feb 2017. The meetings began with prayer and praise & worship was led by Bro. Bishram Tirkey, the GEMS missionary pastor at Kuru and the Bible Man here.
Bro. A. Santhappan (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 1 Zone) and Bro. Yesudas & team from Chennai shared the gospel. Though there was opposition prior to the meeting, it was conducted peacefully. 30 people answered the altar call during the meetings.
Sis. Elizabeth Santhappan translated the messages and also shared the gospel to Muslim women during the day.

Pray for all the people who heard the gospel at Kairo village crusade in Jharkhand. Pray that they may commit their lives to Christ and to continue to grow in faith and truth. Pray for the church to disciple them through the Word. 
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