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Seminar Encourages Missionaries towards Saturation Church Planting

GEMS conducted its annual Christian workers’ seminar IMPACT (I Must Plant A Church Today) in the theme “Lengthen Cords, Strengthen Stakes” which motivated the 1,650 participants.
The IMPACT 2017 seminar for the Christian workers of North India was conducted at GEMS Auditorium in Sikaria, Bihar from 13th to 16th Feb 2017. The seminar was attended by 1,270 GEMS workers and 380 workers from other organizations. The seminar was conducted on the theme “Lengthen Cords, Strengthen Stakes” from Isaiah 54:2 and the arrangements were coordinated by GEMS Training department under the leadership of Bro. Paul Bance and his team.
The messages on the theme were shared by Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar (General Secretary), Dr. Ashok Kumar (Executive Director), Bro. Freddy Joseph (Chennai), Pr. Srinivasan (Dubai), Pr. Wee (Singapore) and Bro. Ivan Borichevsky (Russia). Bro. Paul Bance, Bro. Jacob and Sis. Joy helped with the translation of the messages from English & Russian to Hindi.
Bro. Bell Shath (National Revival Coordinator) and the choir led by Bro. Noble led the people in praise and worship. Group discussion sessions helped the participants to reflect upon the messages.
The participants were greatly motivated to reach out to the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ with divine passion and love. They were also encouraged to raise up believers as pastors, evangelists and as leaders to reach this and the next generation.
The meeting came to a close with communion service as every participant took part in it and remembered the Lord’s sacrifice and His covenant that propels everyone to take His love to the ends of the earth.

Pray for all the participants of the IMPACT seminar that they may go ahead in the power of Christ into the unreached and less reached places and spread the gospel. Pray that they may withstand all the oppositions and may make use every opportunity to reach and disciple people in Christ. 
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