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GEMS Meeting Exhorts Youths of North Bihar to Live Like Joseph

GEMS North West Region conducted a youth meeting at Bettiah through which 130 youths were encouraged in the Lord.
The youth meeting at Bettiah was conducted at the GEMS Church, Bettiah on 26th Feb 2017. The meeting was organized by Bro. MJ Mathews (North West Regional Director). Sis. Jeyavathana (El Shadday Ministries) shared message from the life of Joseph of the Bible and encouraged the youths to live a life of purity and piety for God’s purpose to be fulfilled through them. All the participants committed in prayer to lead a consecrated life in Christ.

Pray for all the teens and youths who participated in the youth meeting at Bettiah to live a consecrated life and through that to witness Christ. Pray for them to continue to grow in the Lord to understand His purpose for their life.
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GEMS Satham (Tamil Magazine) March 2017 Issue