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GEMS Church Inaugurated at Tekari of Gaya District in Bihar

GEMS House of Prayer of Magahi 2 Zone was inaugurated for the glory of God at Tekari, Bihar.
The inauguration of the GEMS church at Tekari took place on 25th Feb 2017 and it began with prayer by Bro. Victor Immanuel (Regional Director, East Region). Bro. T. Emerson (Associate Director-Church Planting) led the people in worship and Dr. Ashok Kumar (Executive Director) with prayer inaugurated the church building.
After the inauguration everyone entered the church and the service began with prayer by Bro. Rakesh Ravi (Asst. Zonal Leader, Magahi 2 Zone) and Bro. Paul Sundar (Zonal Superintendent, Magahi 2 Zone) led the congregation in a time of praise and worship.
Bro. Victor Immanuel welcomed the congregation and all the guests and Bro. Emerson shared words of encouragement. Bro. Ramashankar (Area Leader) who serves as the missionary pastor of this church shared about the Tekari field and its ministries.
Dr. Ashok exhorted the congregation from the Bible and showed how the church is a place to learn God’s truths and His ways to walk in them (Isaiah 2:3) and is a place of prayer which brings joy to the believers (Isaiah 56:7). The inauguration service came to a close with prayer by Bro. B.N. Singh (NET Coordinator).

Pray for this GEMS church at Tekari to be a powerful witness of God’s word and works. Pray for the missionary family and the believers to be effective witnesses to His name and the gospel; that this church may bring the whole community towards wholesome transformation. 
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