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Training Prepares People to Lead Children to Christ thru VBS

GEMS Children’s ministry department conducted VBS Directors’ Training program through which 250 people were trained to train others and conduct VBS this year.
The GEMS VBS Directors’ Training program was conducted at GEMS Auditorium in Bihar from 1st to 3rdMarch 2017. The VBS ministries wing of the Children Department (CD) conducted this training in this year’s VBS theme ‘Fountain of Life’ in which 243 from GEMS ministries and 7 from other mission organizations participated. Sis. Juliet Anand (VBS Coordinator) introduced the theme.
The program began with praise and worship led by Bro. Yenar Singh (Coordinator, CD). In the opening session Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar (Managing Trustee) shared her testimony and her experience of ministering among children and motivated the gathering.
Bro. Jeyan Varghese and Sis. Molly Jeyan (CEF Director, Mumbai) and Bro. Timothy (CEC Chennai) were invited as resource people.  Bro. Jayan handled the following topics:  Christian Teacher, Duties of a VBS Director, Understanding Today’s Children, Bible Lesson Preparation, Wordless book teaching, Stewardship, Child Psychology and Managing your class. His sessions helped the participants to know more about children ministry.
Bro. Timothy taught many games and activities to be conducted during VBS and he also briefed the following topics: How to lead a child to Christ, Communication, Puppet & Magic Workshop and Object lesson. His sessions enabled the participants to know more on how to make the VBS more colourful and how to conduct VBS opposition is faced.
The morning devotions were led by Bro. K. Gunasekaran (Director, Hi-CHAL) and Bro. T. Emerson (Associate Director-CP). The devotions revived the spiritual life of the participants.
VBS songs were taught to the participants by the CD staff; Sis. Jenova and Sis. Sujitha helped in teaching action songs and Bro. Nobel Freddy helped with music. Craft works were taught to the participants by Bro. Bhagwan Das and skits were also performed by the CD staff on the theme and suggestions were given to the participants to conduct skits in their VBS also. Towards the end of each day the participants were led in prayer by Bro. Sachin and Bro. Ashok Pal.
The training came to an end with the closing session by Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar (General Secretary). He motivated the participants by sharing his early ministerial experience and how the children he met during children ministry impacted his spiritual and ministerial life. His thoughts enlightened all the participants and everyone dedicated themselves to conduct VBS 2017 effectively in their areas.

Pray for all the participants of this year’s VBS Directors’ Training that they may prayerfully and effectively conduct and train others to conduct VBS for children. Pray that their efforts may result in children flocking to the Fountain of Life, Jesus Christ and may witness Him among their family and friends. 
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