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City Crusades Brings People to Christ in Bihar and Jharkhand

Gospel was preached to more than 700 people through the GEMS City Crusades at Bettiah (PEACE 3 zone) and Jamshedpur (Vananchal Zone).
The city crusade at Bettiah of North Bihar was conducted from 24th to 26th Feb 2017 through which more than 700 people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bro. MJ Mathews (North West Regional Director) organized the meetings.
Sis. Jeyavathana (El Shadday Ministries) preached the gospel message on all the three evenings. 150 people newly attended the meetings.
The Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) city crusade was conducted on 26th & 27th Feb 2017 and 220 people attended the meetings. Bro. Jennifer Rajamohan (Asst. Zonal Leader, Vananchal Zone) organized the meeting.
Bro. Paul Bance (GEMS Training Coordinator) preached the word of God and encouraged the people to know the true living God. He also exhorted the believers to partake in God’s kingdom works.

Pray for all the people who attended the City Crusades at Bettiah and Jamshedpur to commit their lives to Christ and to be discipled to become transformed individuals and families. Pray for the believers to be witnesses.
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