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GEMS Meetings Strengthen Women of Sikaria and Sonebhadra to Be Strong

Meetings were conducted by WET (Women’s Empowerment Thrust) wing for the women of Sikaria and Sonebhadra zones during the occasion of Women’s Day through which 495 women were encouraged.
Sikaria Zone – Sikaria Church
World celebrates the International women's day on 8th March. It reminds the world that Women are to be respected, appreciated and celebrated. Bible also says " A woman who fears God is to be Praised". To commemorate this, a Special WET meeting was organised for the women in Sikaria Campus on the theme “BE BOLD” on 11th March 2017.  Around 250 women participated in this meeting and were blessed.
The meeting began with a time of praise and worship, thanking God for creating woman as an incredible being with a gentle heart and a strong mind. Sis. Jeni Noble along with Sis. Gracy Henry led the worship.  Sis. Jessi Daniel facilitated the entire program.
“Lord, when people come to see, let them not see my troubles rather let them experience your presence through my life, these were the words of Sis. Helen George who gave an introductory speech about the significance Women and the reason why International Women’s day is being celebrated. She also shared about how God enabled her to stay strong during rough times in her life, when she was diagnosed of cancer with few months of losing her husband. Her speech was thought provoking and humorous.
Video presentations about how the status of women in our society is improving were shown. Sis Jyothi Jegan, gave a presentation from the lives of Women from Bible who were Bold enough to do greater things for God. Health care continues to be a great concern for Women. Hence Dr. Preena Stanly spoke on how women need to take care of their health and gave useful guidelines for the same.
Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar shared the word of God about being Bold as a Woman of God along with her life experiences and led the congregation in a time of prayer to receive the strength of God.
“Be Bold to Express” was a talent show time where the women were given the opportunity to express their talents individually. Sis. Joy facilitated this event by giving some examples from her own life about using our God-given talents.   Many came up and sang solo songs, recited poem, performed mimes, shared their views, spoke on a given topic and had fun too.
“Facing the Giants” this was a time given to few women who came up to share about the challenges they faced in their personal life, Family, ministry and society as a woman and how they overcame their struggles and stood bold by the strength of God. Sis. Christy Bance facilitated this session and around 10 women from different walks of life shared from their life experiences.
‘Carry your Candle and light up those candles which are in dark’ was the message conveyed by Sis. Anita Franklin through a video presentation and the entire program came to an end with a time of prayer led by Sis. Gracy, seeking God to give His strength to be Bold.
Sikaria Zone – Karwandiya Church
Sikaria Zone conducted women’s meeting at Karwandiya church in which 95 women from GEMS churches of Karwandiya, Nimmiyadi, Darihat and Dehri attended. The meeting was conducted on 17thMarch 2017. Sis. Glady and Sis. Kanchan led the participants in praise and worship.
Sis. Saroja presented the importance and priority of obedience and God’s will in family life. Sis. Sudha encouraged on how to overcome the forces of darkness and Sis. Sumithra shared the responsibilities of a mother.
Sonebhadra Zone
Meeting for the women of Sonebhadra was conducted in the theme ‘Breaking the Barriers’ at Duddhi on 3rd& 4th March 2017 in which 150 women participated. Sis. Regina (Delhi), Sis. Malini Jeyaraj, Sis. Alma Grace and Sis. Florence shared messages and encouraged the participants.
The participants shared about their struggles and barriers during the group discussion session and encouraged each other through biblical counsel.

Pray for all the women who participated in the meetings at Sikaria and Dudhi that they may be bold in all circumstances by drawing strength from Christ and breaking all barriers may reflect Christ’s character in all places.
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