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GEMS Convention Builds Believers Towards Fruitful Life in Nepal

GEMS conducted a convention for the believers of GEMS churches in Nepal in which 100 believers participated and were encouraged towards Christ-centred living.
The convention at Nepal was conducted at Mamthamar, Chathivan district on 17th & 18th March 2017. It was attended by the believers of GEMS churches at Hetauda, Haridha, Karmchouli, Hiramuni and Mamthamar.
Bro. Asirvatham (GEMS National Promotional Coordinator) and a team of five members and Bro. Benjamin (Northern Regional Director) were the resource persons for this meeting. Believers were taught on the importance of inner purity, Christian character and fruitful life.
The arrangements of the meeting were done by Bro. Vijay (Administrator, GEMS Nepal) with the help of Area Leader Bro. Purushotham and missionary Bro. Silas.  The convention was concluded with commitment prayer and holy communion which was led by Bro. Benjamin.

Pray for all the believers of Nepal who attended the convention that they may continue to abide in Christ and to lead a fruitful life. Pray also that the Lord may use every believer as His witness to reach this nation with His good news.
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