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House Church Opens as Patna Student Shares Gospel in Train

GEMS STORM (STudents Out Reach Ministry) at Patna brought an ITI student to Christ. He shared the gospel in train which led to many seekers and a House Church has commenced in this place in Patna, Bihar.
A new STORM House Church was started at Patna Sahib, Patna on the Easter day, 16thApril 2017. Bro. Sunil Kumar (23 yrs) is a STORM senior student doing his ITI in Patna. Since last 18 months he is associated with STORM. He came to know Jesus and committed to be saved through Bible study. He has committed himself for ministry.
In July 2016 while travelling in train Sunil shared the gospel to his co-passengers. One of the passengers Sandhya invited him to preach Jesus in her place Chainpura in Patna city. Sunil through STORM Patna started a prayer cell in the house of Sis. Sandhya which was conducted every Friday. Initially 5 to 6 people attended the prayer cell and Sunil was given the responsibility to conduct the prayer. Gradually more people began to attend and many were delivered from demon possession.
During the GEMS Fasting Prayer rally in March 2017 Bro. Sunil brought 6 new seekers of Jesus to the Sikaria campus. All the six were transformed and they completely surrendered their lives to Jesus. After returning from the fasting prayer all the six people went and spread the gospel among their family in which Kiran Devi removed all the idols from her house and invited Bro. Sunil for prayer.  She gathered 22 persons from her own family and opened the first floor room which was kept for storing potatoes. One of her family member was delivered from demon possession during the prayer and every one believed that Jesus is God.
The Friday prayer cell was changed to Sunday and from Sis. Sandhya’s house to Sis. Kiran’s house as more space is available. On Easter Sunday Bro. Sunil invited the nearby people and by God's grace it emerged into a new House Church in which 60 people attended the first Sunday service in Chainpura, Patna city.
Passion of Christ movie was shown and Bro. Sam Richard (GEMS STORM, Patna) shared the Easter message. All the people felt a new experience of joy & happiness. Many wanted to bring their children and neighbours. Nearly all the new believers gave food items and vegetables through which lunch with sweets was made for 60 people.
Bro. Sunil has begun to lead this house church at Chainpura. Through this house church 12 students were identified, who attended the Easter service & God opened way to start a new STORM Students Centre here with these students.

Pray for this new STORM house church initiated at Patna to continue to proclaim the gospel and to transform the whole place in Christ. 
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