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Christian Missionaries Continuously Threatened and Persecuted in Bihar

GEMS missionaries in Bihar at Kawakol & Gaya (Magahi 2 Zone) and Dhaka (PEACE 3 Zone) are being continuously threatened by Sangh affiliates; to not conduct prayers & to not preach Christ.
Magahi 2 Zone Persecution
Bro. Santosh serves at Kawakol (Nawada District). A group of Bajrang Dal members came to his house at 5 PM on 9th April 2017 (Sunday) and threatened him to leave the place and to not conduct prayers. They also pressurized the house owner to vacate him and his family.
On 23rd April (Sunday) at 5 PM the same Bajrang Dal group that threatened on 9th April came again to Bro. Santosh’s house at Kawakol and told him to stop Christian prayers and to vacate the place. They have also said that today (24th April) they are going to hold a meeting to stop the church activity and are forcing Bro. Santosh to attend.
A similar group came to GEMS church at Gaya (Magadh Colony) on 16thApril (Sunday) at 10:30 AM and threatened GEMS missionary Bro. Bharti to vacate the place and to not preach about Christ and to not hold Christian prayers.
PEACE 3 Zone Persecution
GEMS missionary Bro. Arun serves at Dhaka (East Champaran District). On 14thApril 2017 at 7 PM he was threatened by a mob of 40 people belonging to VHP, Bajrang Dal, Arya Samaj and BJP namely Bablu Tiwari, Dinesh Tiwari, Vinod Tiwari & Vijay Tiwari (Arya Samaj), Kashi Tiwari, Ajay Sah, Sanjay Sah & Bablu Sharaff (BJP Leader). They falsely accused him of forced conversion.
On 16th April (Sunday) worship service went on for an hour and in the evening onwards the group began to surround Bro. Arun's rented house and threatened his house owner to vacate him.
Sis. Indu Kumari worked in GEMS school earlier and after marrying Bro. Arvind Kumar as a family they serve at Sahtha, Vaishali District. On 12th March 2017 (Sunday) a group of 50 people of RSS came to their church and damaged the church and also the church properties. Since then the believers could not gather and are worshipping in their own villages.
·      Pray for this continuous persecution against Christian missionaries and believers in Bihar at Kawakol, Gaya, Dhaka and Vaishali.
·      Pray for God’s protection over the missionaries and believers.
·      Pray for the churches to become strong in the Lord and to grow amidst persecution.
·      Pray for the opposers to know the love of Christ and to be saved. 
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