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GEMS Training Equips Believers of North Bihar to be Voluntary Pastors

GEMS Training wing conducted the VVP (Village Voluntary Pastors) training for the believers of Maithili Zone. 23 people participated and were trained in biblical and ministerial subjects.
The VVP training for the Maithili Zone volunteers was conducted at GEMS church, Madhubani from 24th to 28thApril 2017.
This course has been designed to provide overall Bible knowledge in terms of understanding God and salvation, baptism of the Holy spirit, evangelism, call & commitment, sanctification, Church, Christian family life, etc.  Bro. Christopher Murugan, Bro. P.C. Johnson, Bro. Chandrika and Bro. Ravi Raj taught these subjects. Bro, Rajkumar led in worship and prayer.
The participants not only gained knowledge but were inspired, challenged and committed to serve God with all their resources.

Pray for all the participants of the Maithili Zone VVP training to become effective in sharing the gospel to others, in establishing churches and in transforming their places wholesomely. Pray for the VVP training conducted in all zones of GEMS to develop the necessary voluntary pastors. 
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