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Masked Men Manhandle and Beat Missionary in Bihar for Preaching Jesus

GEMS missionary at Gaya Bro. Sanjay Yadav who serves among children was severely beaten by Bajrang Dal members on 9thMay 2017. Hindu Yuva Vahini members instigated the house owner of missionary Bro. Palanivelu at Bagaha to vacate him.
Missionary Beaten at Gaya
Bro. Sanjay serves as GEMS Children Wing missionary at Gaya. At 4:00 PM yesterday, 9th May 2017, as he was on his way to his house, he was cornered at Road No. 9 of Magadh Colony by five men who had their faces covered. They threatened him, “Will you stop preaching or not?” and when Bro. Sanjay responded, “What mistake are we doing by preaching?” they began to beat him black and blue.

Bro. Sanjay has sustained bruises in his head and all over his body. He was taken to Magadh Medical College hospital for treatment. Pray for his healing and recovery.
This is the fourth incident of persecution in Bihar in the last 30 days; on 9th April Bro. Santosh (Nawada) was threatened; on 14th April Bro. Arun (Dhaka) was opposed by a mob and on 16th April Bro. Bharti (Gaya) was threatened. (Click to read the details:
Missionary Forced to Vacate at Bagaha
Bro. Palanivelu (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 3) serves at Bagaha, Bihar. Members of Hindu Yuva Vahini (extremist and militant Hindu youth group, founded by Yogi Adityanath) came to Bro. Palanivelu’s house on 5th May 2017. They met with the house owner and threatened & instigated him to vacate the missionary.
After they left the house owner called the missionary and told him to vacate the house. He did not heed to the missionary’s request and has given him time upto 31st May to vacate.
The church construction at Bagah has also stopped due to an issue with the contractor. Pray for the barrier in the church construction to be removed and for it to be completed soon. 
Missionaries’ Bail to be Cancelled
False charges of forceful conversion were filed against GEMS missionaries Bro. Stephen, Bro. Gyan Das and Bro. Dharvaiya at a Christian wedding in Satna (Madhya Pradesh) on 27th April 2016. By the grace of God all were brought out on bail the very same night. (
Bajrang Dal has once again instigated for their bails to be cancelled for which they will have to appear in court at Satna on 5th June 2017. Please pray.

Pray for this continual persecution against missionaries and Christians in Bihar. 
Pray for their protection and for them to be strong in the Lord. 
Pray for the persecutors to know Christ and to repent from their foolish and violent ways and to be saved. 
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