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GEMS Believers of Bihar Built in Biblical Truths to Effectively Testify Christ

GEMS Training department conducted the T1 training for believers of GEMS churches of Magahi 1 and PEACE 2 Zones through which 255 believers learnt Scriptural truths.
Magahi 1 Training
T1 training was conducted for the believers of GEMS church at Arwal from 5th to 8th June 2017 in which 130 people participated.
The believers were taught on Salvation, the Church, Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Soul Winning by Training Department staff Bro. Chandrika, Bro. Rajkumar, Bro. Heera Singh and Bro. Sunil Kumar.
PEACE 2 Training
The T1 training for believers was conducted at GEMS church, Shahpur from 22nd to 25th May 2017 and 125 people participated.
The subjects were taught by Bro. Christopher, Bro. Rajkumar and Bro. Chandrika.
The T1 training program has been a great source of blessing for the believers to know God with a deeper knowledge of His word.  Knowing the will of God for their life, they have recommitted themselves to serve God in their own capacity with the help of the Holy Spirit. Greatly moved for the lost souls, the participants made a decision to pray for their family members and neighbours who do not know Christ and to bring them to the Lord.

Pray for the participants of T1 training at Arwal and Shahpur to diligently read and follow the Bible and to grow in the truth and faith. Pray that through their testimonial life and words they may be able to bring their relatives and villages to Christ; that their communities may be transformed by the gospel. 
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