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GEMS General Body Members Gather Together to Advance the Mission

The Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of GEMS was conducted at Sikaria, Bihar in which the GB members, Executive Committee and invitees participated. The Annual reports were presented and plans were discussed and the members prayed together.
The AGM 2017 was conducted at GEMS Campus, Sikaria from 29th June to 1st July 2017. The General Secretary Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar welcomed all the members and the invitees. He shared a quote from Bro. Ebe Sunder Raj’s writing on the two foundations on which church or mission needs to be founded – sound doctrine and sound management. He called the body to reverse the trend of collapsing of godly ministries.
Dr. Ashok introduced the AGM’s theme which was taken from Psalms 105:21,21 ‘Anointed & Authorized to Administer & to Advance’. Dr. Vijay Kanth (Founder, GIFT program) was invited as the guest speaker and he shared messages expounding on the theme. The messages helped everyone to introspect to align their life and ministry in Christ.
The General Secretary shared in the morning devotion from Haggai and exhorted everyone to set their priorities right and to be a prophetic voice. He also showed the necessity for the spiritual leader and administrative leader to serve hand-in-hand with unity. Bro. Freddy Joseph (Chennai) led in praise and worship.
The Chairman Bro. Ernest Ravi started the official AGM. A special AGM was also conducted to amend the constitution of GEMS to create a new position, Associate General Secretary. Bro. K. Gunasekaran (Director, Hi-CHAL) read the minutes of the last AGM. The AGM report booklet containing the reports of the General Secretary, Executive Director, Treasurer and from the offices of the Associate Directors was given the previous evening to the GB members.
Click to Download – AGM Report 2017
The change of leadership was announced and the newly selected leaders were prayed over – Dr. Ashok as the Associate General Secretary, Bro. T. Emerson as the Executive Director, Bro. Rakesh David as the Associate Director for Church Planting. The other following changes were also announced. New vehicles were given to Dr. Ashok and Dr. Rajesh Duthie.
Sis. Lois Sampath
Executive Committee Member
Bro. Mariadas
Deputy Director, Homes
Bro. Vincent Jeyaraj
Regional Director (RD), Western Region
Bro. Arjun Karmali
Interim RD, Southern Region
Bro. Peter Jeyaraj
Designated RD, Southern Region
Bro. Paul Abraham
RD,  Northwest Region
Bro. P.C Johnson
Zonal Superintendent, Sikaria Zone
Bro. Franklin
Asst. Zonal Leader, Sikaria Zone
The AGM was concluded with a note from the General Secretary and he exhorted from Philippians 2:19-22 to be like Timothys, people of proven character, who sincerely care & serve and not seek their own, but things which are of Christ Jesus.

Pray for all the GEMS leaders and for the newly selected and elevated leaders to receive God’s grace and anointing to advance the mission according to God’s plans and for His glory. Pray for every work that the Lord has purposed to do through GEMS in this upcoming fiscal year to fulfil His will.
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