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GEMS Church at Nawgad in Bihar Faces Oppositions Continuously

The Nawgad GEMS church of Bhojpuri 1 Zone has been facing opposition for several years. Recently a believer was manhandled and the missionary was abused during the church service. The police also threatened the missionary.
132 people attended the deliverance meeting that was conducted at GEMS Church, Nawgad on 12th & 13thJuly 2017. The meeting was arranged by the missionary Bro. Shatrudhan. Bro. Cornelius (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 1 Zone), his wife Sis. Anita Minz, Area Leader Bro. Suresh and Sis. Ramavati participated and conducted the meeting.
Thirteen people were delivered by the Lord Jesus from demonic bondages. The joy of the Lord was very much visible in the church.
In the Sunday service on 16thJuly a man entered the church while worship was going on and he began to manhandle a believer. When the believers and the missionary Bro. Shatrudhan intervened, he used abusive and derogatory words against them. The missionary tried to gently take him outside the church, but again and again he was entering the church and disturbing. After an hour a policeman came to the church and blamed the missionary for the whole incident and threatened him.
A few months back Bro. Shatrudhan was detained at the police station and was falsely accused of forceful conversion and of antisocial activities. Meetings were disrupted and missionaries from this area were arrested in 2007 and 2013 (
Pray for all the people who attended the deliverance meeting at Nawgad to continue to live in deliverance and to grow in Christ and in His word. Pray for this GEMS church at Nawgad which is continuously facing oppositions. Pray for the missionary family and the believers to be strong in the Lord. Pray for the opposers to know the love of Jesus and to be saved.
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