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GEMS Missionary Threatened and Bible Woman Beaten at Sherghati of Bihar

A group of fanatics threatened Bro. Barnabas Bengali who serves as missionary at Sherghati near Gaya, to stop preaching the gospel & conducting church. Sis. Sheila Devi the Bible Woman was beaten and Bible was torn.
On 9th August 2017 a group of people entered the house of GEMS missionary Bro. Barnabas at Sherghatti and manhandled & abused him and they threatened him and told him to stop conducting church and to stop preaching Jesus. Three days back they also visited the house owner and threatened him to vacate Bro. Barnabas from his house.
In April 2017 the Bible Woman of this church Sis. Sheila Devi was beaten by anti-Christian elements and they tore the Bible in front of the villagers.
There has been continuous persecution and opposition to the gospel work in Gaya district this year and this is the fourth incident this year.
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On one side when there is persecution, on the other side we see old mission properties being sold and misused. This is an old mission compound and cemetery at Shergati which is now a cinema hall.
Prayfor this one-year-old project at Johapur near Shergati which benefits the highly marginalized community of Musahar -

Pray for this continuous opposition to the gospel at Shergati and in Gaya district of Bihar; pray for the protection of the missionaries and believers and for them to be steadfast in the Lord. Pray that there may be a greater growth of ministry. Pray for the opposers to know Jesus and to be transformed. 
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