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GEMS Church Believers Help Feed Victims of Floods in North Bihar

The recent floods have greatly affected the lives and properties of people in North Bihar. GEMS church at Majhaulia provided food for the flood victims of that area.
The floods have affected 19 districts of Bihar and the lives of more than 1.38 crores of people in Bihar and death toll rises to 379 (Source: GEMS fields of North & North West Region and Nepal has been affected. (Read more:
DAT Madhepura – The effect of floods in the District Advancement Team field Madhepura
Maithili Zone – many fields of Maithili Zone have also been affected
Chikani (House Church)
Madhubani & Darbhanga
People are displaced and the flood has forced people to live on the roadside.
PEACE 3 Zone (North West Region)
The believers of GEMS church at Majhaulia helped the victims of flood in this area by providing food through the coordination of the church pastor Bro. Singeshwar and Bro. Paul Abraham (NW Regional Director). Though the believers of this church are economically marginalized they sacrificially helped the affected the people.

Pray for the people of Bihar and Nepal who are affected by the floods. Pray for their rehabilitation and for their situation to become alright soon. Pray for those families who have lost their dear ones to know the Lord and to receive His comfort. Pray for the government and agencies involved in relief work to be able to reach out and help every victim. 
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