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GEMS Humanitarian Project Among Marginalized People in Bihar Faces Opposition

A humanitarian project of GEMS at Johapur in Bihar benefits the Musahar children. A group of fanatics have been opposing the project and threatening the in charge continuously that they will burn him alive.
GEMS RAGAM (Rehabilitation of Abused Girls And the Marginalized) project was started at Johapur near Gaya in July 2016. This project benefits the highly marginalized community of Musahars (traditionally rat eaters) -
Bro. Dinesh Kumar is working as the project in-charge. In March 2017 a group of people visited the project and threatened him to leave Johapur and to close the work. When he did not go, after a few days, one of the miscreants Deepak visited Bro. Dinesh and used abusive words and threatened to kill him.
In April Bro. Dinesh was called to a meeting in a Hindu temple where a group led by one Munna threatened him and said “we will not allow you to stay here and to preach about Jesus”. Every month he was being threatened.
On 13th August 2017 (Sunday), a group of 200 people surrounded the GEMS church at Shergati. (GEMS Missionary Threatened and Bible Woman Beaten at Sherghati of Bihar). On the way to the church Bro. Dinesh was met by Bro. Barnabas who is the missionary pastor who took him to his house. The moment they entered the pastor’s house a group of 40 people surrounded and threatened to kill everyone. At the same time a group went to Bro. Dinesh’s house and searched for him there and warned his wife saying “If we see him again in the project we will burn him alive”.
The Lord has protected the lives of Bro. Dinesh and the missionary pastor Bro. Barnabas. In spite of the opposition and threats the regular activities are going on in the project. The opposers are those people who do not want the children of this marginalized people to be educated and for this community to be transformed.

Pray for this humanitarian project at Johapur that the Lord may strengthen the people to work with courage. Pray that the project may truly transform the entire community. Pray for the Spirit of God to touch the hearts and minds of the opposers that their eyes maybe opened to see and support the good works. 
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