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ITI Inaugurated at Madhubani and Karwandiya ITI Gets ISO Certification in Bihar

GEMS ITI at Karwandiya, Bihar has received ISO certification. A new GEMS ITI at Madhubani in North Bihar was inaugurated & classes started.
Karwandiya ITI Certification
The GEMS ITI at Karwandiya in Rohtas, Bihar was assessed and was found compliant with the requirements and was awarded ISO certification for providing industrial training in Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Motor Vehicle and Welder Trade. Praise be to God.
Madhubani ITI Inauguration
A new ITI of GEMS was inaugurated at Madhubani in North Bihar and the inaugural ceremony was conducted on 1stSeptember 2017. Courses in Electrician and Fitter trade are provided and 38 students have already been admitted to the first year.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Maithili Zone, DAT Madhepura & DAT Sheohar missionaries & leaders, Madhubani ITI staff & students and Bro. Ananda Kumar (Associate Director, GEMS Institutions) and Bro. Goforth Jebakumar (Associate Director, GEMS Supportive Ministries) were the Chief Guests of the Inauguration. The program was presided over by Bro. Benjamin (Regional Director, GEMS North Region) who also serves as the Secretary of GEMS ITI Madhubani. Bro. K. Stanley (Principal, GEMS ITI Madhubani) anchored the program.
Opening Prayer was done by Bro. Manilal Das (Zonal Superintendent, Maithili zone) and Bro. Paul (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, Maithili) led in praise and worship. Bro. Benjamin welcome the Chief Guests and the participants.
Bro. Ananda kumar shared about GEMS ministries in Bihar and inaugurated the workshop. Bro. Goforth inaugurated the Principal room. Sis. Shajila Benjamin prayed for the Principal Bro. Stanley.
Bro. Goforth in his speck to the students exhorted them from Proverbs 1:7 to fear the Lord to receive wisdom. He also encouraged them to obey the staff to be moulded by them for a good future. Bag distribution was one by Bro. Manilal and Bro. Paul. After thanksgiving by Bro. Benjamin the inaugural ceremony came to a close with prayer and benediction by Bro. Ananda Kumar.
Pray for the GEMS ITI at Karwandiya to continue to provide quality education coupled with biblical values. Pray for the newly inaugurated ITI at Madhubani for its functioning; for the staff and management to receive the needed grace and strength from the Lord. Pray for all the institutions to continue to produce morally sound, transformed individuals and responsible citizens.
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