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GEMS Church Inaugurated at Belwaniya in Bihar for the Glory of God

GEMS House of Prayer was built and inaugurated at Belwaniya, Bihar in the PEACE 2 Zone (GEMS North West Region) for God’s glory.
The inauguration of the GEMS Church at Belwaniya in the Bhojpur district of Bihar was held on 15th October 2017 and was attended by 275 people. It began with prayer by Bro. Paul Abraham (NW Regional Director).
Bro. T. Emerson (Executive Director, GEMS) inaugurated the church and exhorted the congregation with the word of God.
Bro. R.P. Timothy (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 2) coordinated the whole program. Bro. Bell Shath led the gathering in praise and worship. Bro. Rakesh Kumar (Associate Director-CP) exhorted the people.
Bro. Jag Narayan serves as a missionary at Belwaniya along with his family.

Pray for the GEMS church at Belwaniya that it may spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the district of Bhojpur. Pray for the believers of this church to be the salt and light of the society and that through their testimonial life they may witness Christ. Pray for the missionary family and all the ministries of this church. 
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