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Missionary Given Ultimatum of Life and Another Confined at Police Station

GEMS missionary at Rajhara, Jharkhand has been given ultimatum of life by a thug paid by the Sangh. Missionaries at Shaktinagar, Uttar Pradesh was confined whole night at the police station for showing Jesus film. 
Thug Threatens to Kill Missionary in Jharkhand
There has been continuous opposition to the GEMS church at Rajhara (Palamu District) in Jharkhand.
A few days back Alok Pandey a resident of Rajhara and a well-known thug of this area has threatened the GEMS missionary Bro. Augustine Kujur. In the recent phone call he has said, “I have been told from above (Sangh affiliates who have paid him) to deal with you. If you want to stay here pay me fifty thousand rupees. If not, I will kidnap you and you will not be found”. Alok Pandey has given ultimatum to the missionary until Chhatth(26th October) gets over.
Though many cases are pending on Alok Pandey, he enjoys the protection of political people and the police. He is close to some of the top police officials in the Palamu district.  
Missionaries Confined at Police Station in Uttar Pradesh
GEMS missionaries (Sonebhadra Zone) Bro. Suresh Silas & Bro. Ravi were showing Jesus film at Shaktinagar (Sonbhadra district) in Uttar Pradesh on 9th & 10th October 2017 after getting permission from Sarpanch.
In the evening of 10th October while the film show was going on, a person had complained. Though the people wanted to see, the police confined the missionaries and two believers at the Kota Shaktinagar police station from 8:30 PM until 11 AM next day (11th October). Though GEMS officials and other people called the police in the night of 10thOctober, the Sub Inspector Mr. S.P. Singh who attended the calls denied confining and reprimanding the missionaries at the station. Later it was known that when the phone call was made the missionaries were right beside the SI.

Pray for the persecution and opposition at Rajhara and Shaktinagar. Pray for the protection of the missionary at Rajhara. Pray that the Lord may intervene and make know His might. Pray for the political, police, administrative and judicial officials to be unbiased and to uphold the constitution and to protect every citizen irrespective of caste or creed. 
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