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Falsely Accused and Arrested Missionaries and Believers Released on Bail in Dudhi

Fasting Prayer rally at Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh was stopped by RSS with police support and arrested missionaries & believers on false charges. They are released on bail.
Fasting Prayer rally was being conducted at Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh from 26th October 2017 by GEMS and Dudhi Christian church. On the final day, 28th October a group of RSS & BJP members stormed the meeting ground and with the help of the police stopped the meeting and sent the 1400 people away. RSS Leader Advocate Dilip Pandey spearheaded this disruption and trouble. He announced at the ground using the organizers’ equipment that two hours is given to vacate all people. (Read:
Unlawful Entry of RSS in the School
Some people were accommodated at GEMS English School, Dudhi. This group entered the private property of the school, with the police, with no legal documents and began to frantically search the school premises for the Christian believers. They abused & bet the school peon, the school bus helper and teacher Mr. Philip and Mr. Nehemiah. While vegetarian food was being served to the accommodate people, the RSS people raised false issue that cow meat was being served.
CCTV footages
Arrest & Confinement
Subsequently Bro. Praveen Das (Zonal Superintendent, Sonebhadra), Bro. Nehemiah (Dudhi), Bro. Philip (Dudhi), Bro. Ashok Kumar (Umariah), Bro. Surender Mehta (Chattarpur), Bro. Arvind Kumar (Dudhi CC) and Bro. Ajay Daniel (Dudhi CC) were taken under police custody at around 2:30 PM on 28th October.
GEMS with the help of Persecution Relief and ADF spoke to the SHO, DSP, SP and other police officials. Every official mentioned that they are being pressurized from above and Sangh affiliates; who were trying to create trouble and to implicate the Christians on false charges.
When GEMS tried to hire a lawyer, no lawyer was willing to take up this issue. Finally, one advocate took up this at 10 AM on 29th October. By this time, the seven people were falsely charged with fabricated cases under Section 151 and Section 107/116. Bail was arranged and they were released at 1:30 PM.

Sangh’s Atrocity
Members of RSS, VHP & Bajrang Dal went in the morning of 29th October (Sunday) to GEMS schools at Katauli and Giwihi to find out whether prayer or worship is being conducted. They were trying to frame false charges against these institutions and GEMS English School, Dudhi.
Biased Media
Newspapers published biased and false reports on the whole issue.

Though RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, BJP were against the missionaries and believers and pulled all strings to instigate falsely, with the help of the police, rallying the mass and media, the living God demonstrated that He reigns! 
PraiseGod for His intervention, protection and deliverance. 
Pray for this opposition at Dudhi and in places in Uttar Pradesh. 
Pray for the might and power of God to be demonstrated and for His name to be glorified. 
Pray for the ministries to touch & transform widely and deeply, like never before and for a great harvest to follow. 
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