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Villages Receive Gospel and Conventions Encourage Believers in Jharkhand

GEMS Vananchal Zone conducted conventions at Jamshedpur, Pochra & Torpa through which 600 believers were strengthened. Gospel was shared to 680 people in the villages of Hesakocha & Kumardagha.

VGP at Kumardagha
Through DAT Ramgarh, Gospel was shared to 500 people of the village of Kumardagha in Gola block from 21st to 23rdNov 2017.

A headmaster of this village gave place to conduct the meeting and participated as a family.
Apsumithrawas troubled with a strange issue; one kind of ants would come to her house and would bite only her. This has happened for several months and the whole family had been in fear and had seen many sorcerers, but in vain. They came to this meeting and on the very first day the Lord Jesus delivered the family from this problem. Since then the ants have stopped coming. They have opened their house to conduct Sunday service.

VGP at Hesakocha
Gospel was shared to 180 people of the village of Hesakocha in Chandil block from 10th to 12thNov 2017 through the Village Gospel Program (VGP). Bro. Jenifer Rajamohan organized this meeting.

Many people responded to the gospel and many were delivered from sins, sicknesses and bondages.

Santoshwas suffering from chronic headache and he received healing.
SarithaMundu was delivered from demonic possession.

Pochra Convention
The Convention of DAT Ramgarh was conducted at Pochra from 3rd to 5th Nov 2017 in which 190 people participated. DAT Leader Bro. Charles Devakumar organized this meeting.

Bro. Arjun Karmali (Interim Regional Director, Southern Region) and Bro. Sunder George (Zonal Superintendent, Vananchal Zone) shared the messages.

Jamshedpur Convention
DAT Jamshedpur’s Area Convention was conducted from 20th to 22nd Oct 2017 in which 230 believers participated. DAT Leader Bro. Jenifer Rajamohan organized this convention.

Messages in the theme ‘Overflowing Life’ were shared by Bro. Stephen Rajkumar, missionary pastor of GEMS Karwandiya church.

Peoplereceived the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Ajith& his family came back to the Lord and are now regularly coming to the church.

Torpa Convention
The Vananchal zone convention at Torpa was conducted from 13th to 15th Oct 2017 in which 180 believers participated.

Bro. Victor Alfred (GEMS PRO) and Bro. Sunder George shared the messages.

Prayfor all the people who heard the gospel in the villages of Jharkhand. 
Pray that they may be transformed by the power of the gospel and to become disciples of Jesus. 
Pray for the believers who attended the conventions that they may witness Christ through their exemplary and Christ-like life.
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