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Health Update of Hospitalized GEMS Missionaries for Praise and Prayer

GEMS missionaries Bro. Mohan Raj (Bhagalpur), Bro. Suresh Silas & his wife (Jayant), Sis. Rosaline Jayarani (Sikaria), Bro. Kirubagaran & Bro. James (Sikaria) and Bro. Rudi (Aurangabad) were hospitalized. There has been great improvement in their health.
Bro. Mohan Raj (STORM Bhagalpur) had three blocks in the heart and suffered from Aneurysm and his heart’s pumping ability was only 25% He underwent two surgeries; his health has improved and has now begun to walk a few metres.
Bro. Suresh Silas (Jayant – Sonebhadra Zone) suffered two major fractures in his leg & his wife also suffered injury as they met with an accident on 20th October. They are recovering.
Sis. Rosaline Jayarani(Sikaria-GEMS Canteen) was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer with Liver metastasis and was admitted at CMC, Vellore for palliative care from 2ndweek of October. She has been discharged and is much improvement in her health.
Bro. Kirubagaran (Publications Coordinator) was admitted at CMC, Vellore since 10th October for spinal bone fracture and neurological problems. He has been given another two months of rest to recover.
Bro. James Raj (GIFT Coordinator) had been suffering from severe back pain due to Acute Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse in L4 & L5. He was unable to stand straight. He underwent Fluroscopy guided Selective Nerve Block at Lumbar region at GEMS Hospital, Sikaria. 
Bro. Rudi(Polytechnic College) met with a road accident on 1st November ( and suffered from severe facial bone fracture. He was moved to Chennai where he underwent surgeries and came back to Bihar on 12th November.
PraiseGod for the improvement of health of GEMS missionaries.
Prayfor their total healing and complete recovery.

Prayfor their families to receive God’s grace and strength.
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