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Legal Awareness Training Equips Believers and Pastors of Jharkhand in Legal Aspects

HiCHAL (Hindi Churches Alliance) in partnership with ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) and All Churches Council (ACC) of Daltonganj, Jharkhand conducted a legal training which benefited 350 people.

A Legal Awareness Training was conducted at Daltonganj on 27th November 2017 in which believers, pastors and missionaries of CNI, Union Church, Believers Church, CGM, GEMS, GL, EHA and Pentecostal churches participated.

Ministers of God Fr. Vijay, Bro. George, Bro. Tuddu, Bro. William, Bro. Vignesh, Bro. Vijay Das, Bro. Joseph, Bro. Pratap Tirkey facilitated & participated in the training along with their selected congregation members. Bro. Rakesh (Associate Director, GEMS) and Bro. Mariyosh Joseph (Asst. Associate Director, GEMS) coordinated the training on behalf of HiCHAL and Bro. Naveen David (Asst. Zonal Superintendent, Jharkhand Zone) facilitated locally.

Advocate Balakrishnan and Advocate Dhiraj Philip of ADF took the sessions and taught on the Fundamental & Legal Rights which was quite informative. Bro. Bala began the session with a devotion through which the fundamental principles were brought out from the Bible.

The session on Best Practices helped the participants to know the Do’s and Don’ts. The resource people also answered the various questions of the participants which greatly helped them to be clear on specific issues.

Prayfor all the participants of the Legal Awareness Training conducted at Daltonganj.
Praythat the knowledge of the legal aspects and constitutional rights may help the believers and workers to not only be aware, but to be law-abiding citizens.
Praythat they may be bold and right in their practice and propagation of the faith and to handle persecution issues efficiently.

Prayfor unity among all the churches and organizations and to help one another at needed times. 
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