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Pray for the Hospitalized Missionary Ashok and Missionary Kid Emi

GEMS missionary Bro. Ashok (Sikaria) was diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema and is admitted in Sasaram. Baby Emi d/o GEMS missionary Bro. Prabhakaran (PEACE 3) is admitted in Coimbatore for Dengue.

Pray for Ashok Uncle
GEMS missionary Bro. Ashok (Welfare Dept) was admitted at GEMS Hospital and diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema. On 28thNovember he fell unconscious in the washroom. He was having much difficulty in breathing. Dialysis of the kidney was also needed to be done.
He has had heart ailments previously and underwent Bypass Surgery earlier. His children Bro. Ranjith & Bro. Raja are GEMS Missionaries.

He was shifted to Narayan Medical College & Hospital, Sasaram on 30th November. Many began to pray for him. There has been much improvement in his health and is able to breathe well. He didn’t require dialysis also.

Pray for Baby Emi
Emi, daughter of GEMS missionary Bro. Prabha Karan is diagnosed with Dengue and is admitted at Masonic Medical Centre for Children at Coimbatore since 29th November 2017. Her platelets count is drastically decreasing.

Emi is 1 years and 6 months and her parents serve as missionaries at Nadda-Bhairoganj field (PEACE 3 Zone) in North Bihar.

PraiseGod for the improvement in Bro. Ashok’s health. 
Pray for his total healing and recovery. 
Pray for Baby Emi’s health that the platelets count may increase and to be restored to good health. 
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