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GEMS Meetings Encourage Missionaries and Exhort Youths in Nepal

Fasting prayer was conducted for the missionaries of GEMS Nepal in which 24 people participated. A meeting for the young people was conducted in which 150 youths attended.

Fasting Prayer
Three days fasting prayer was conducted for the missionaries and Bible Men & Bible Women of Nepal from 29thNov to 1st Dec 2017.

Dr. Ashok (Associate General Secretary, GEMS) and Bro. Benjamin Norton (Regional Director, Northern Region) ministered to the workers and addressed the topics of Reconciliation with God, Self-Denial and Passion for Jesus. The meeting greatly revived the workers and they were specifically encouraged through the word from Isaiah 4:2 “…And the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and appealing for those of Israel who have escaped.”

Youth Meeting
GYM (GEMS Yuvac Manch) conducted a meeting for the youths at Jeetpur in Nepal on 15th & 16th Oct 2017. Area Leader Bro. Purushotam, Bro. Vijay (Administrator, GEMS Nepal) and Bro. Bennis Paul (Facilitator, GEMS Nepal) coordinated the program.

Messages were shared by Bro. Wesley from Hyderabad with whom a team had come and Bro. Daniel (Dean, TBC), Bro. Ashish Daniel (GYM Coordinator) and Bro. Stephen (Chennai).

Bro. Jerry led the youths in praise and worship. He along with Bro. Ashish also conducted games, activities and skit.

The meeting helped the youths to understand their life’s purpose and to commit their life to live for Jesus.

Prayfor all the missionaries and Bible Men & Women of GEMS Nepal. 
Pray that they may serve with fervency and integrity in building God’s kingdom. 
Prayfor the youths who attended the meeting that they may grow in the knowledge of God’s word and to lead a testimonial life and to lead other youths to Christ. 
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