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Believers of Balumath Church Badly Beaten and Continuously Persecuted in Jharkhand

The believers of GEMS church at Balumath who come from Chakla village were badly beaten for resisting Ghar Wapsi.

Twenty families from Paduwa Tola of Chakla village are believers who come to the GEMS church at Balumath. On 20thDecember 2017 the Sangh affiliates organized a Ghar Wapsi (forced conversion) and five families succumbed to it.

The rest of the families resisted; so the Sangh affiliates organized one more Ghar Wapsi on 9th January 2018 and all the families resisted it again. So on 10th January the Sangh members instigated the Sarna Samithimembers and bet the resisted believers very badly. Bro. Philip Tirkey, the missionary pastor of Balumath and Bro. Santhappan, Zonal Superintendent of PEACE 1 Zone encouraged the believers and accommodated them at Bro. Santhappan’s house that night.

Chakla village comes under Chandwa police station and when the believers went and complained, the police called those who bet them and pushed for compromise. But when the believers persisted and went along with the Mukhiya of the village on 13th January the Sub-Inspector Prabhakar Munda filed FIR against the perpetrators.

The newspapers have published a false report that the Christian believers of Paduva Tola are converting the people by alluring them. (Below is the news published on 13th Jan 2018 in Jagran.)

There has been continuous persecution of believers of Balumath –

Balumath church believers have been continuously attacked and persecuted. 
Praythat the believers may stand strong and steadfast in the faith. 
Pray for the believers from Chakla village to continue to grow in the Lord. 
Prayfor the opposers to know the love of Jesus and to come to Christ. 
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