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Retreat Inspires Institutional Leaders to Be Ladders to Develop People

A retreat for the heads of GEMS institutions was conducted in which 25 leaders participated and were refreshed through fellowship & learning.

GEMS Institutional Leaders Retreat was held from 13th to 15th Jan 2018 in Maithan Dam, West Bengal in the theme ‘Leaders are Ladders’. 25 leaders serving in GEMS Institutions attended the retreat. Bro. Ananda Kumar, the Associate Director of Educational Institutions organised the program. Bro. Daniel Johnson (Principal, GES-Sikaria) opened the program with introduction & welcoming the leaders followed by opening prayer by Bro. Anand.

Day 1, Session 1 started with the songs & worship led by Bro. Noble and Sis. Jeni Noble. Dr. Ashok (Associate General Secretary) was invited as a special speaker. He emphasised about the 1) Life of a leader 2) Leading the little flock and on 3) Leaving the Legacy. He quoted four points relating to the foundations of Leadership - CALL, LOVE, ATTITUDE and PROGRESS. In the second session, Bro. Mariyosh focused on how a leader must communicate or speak with the wise and timely words, as the mouthpiece of God. Before concluding Day 1, Bro. Daniel Johnson, led the team in Prayers and commitment.

Day 2 commenced with the morning regular Sunday Service led by Bro. Benjamin Norton (Secretary, GES-Darbhanga), with a very powerful worship and devotion followed by the message by Bro. Jeyasingh David (Secretary, GES-Dudhi), on Moses in Wilderness. To explore the beauty of nature created by God, 6 groups were split and taken for boating in the Maithon Dam, the time of relaxation.

Session 3 was a session of Leadership Team Building activities led by Bro. Ashish Daniel (Director, GEMS Polytechnic).

Session 4 with the worship session led by Bro. Noble, followed by Dr. Ashok’s message on Lead the Little Flock – Leader’s role to take from (GROWTH) Realities to Reach and successfully one step ahead to Reproduce, concluding with a committing message to TRY TEARS. Sis. Anita Franklin (Headmistress, GES-Sikaria) and Sis. Priscilla Nehemiah (Principal, GES-Dudhi) led the team to pour out in the feet of the Lord for the present crisis and the issues – the Challenging Tasks for the missionary Institutions in the coming days.

Day 3, on the last and final day after a worship by Special Invitee, Bro. Babu Rajarehan, Bro. Anand led the session in prayers for the needs of the institutions in the forthcoming years. The Closing Session, started with worship by Bro. Babu, followed by Dr. Ashok who highlighted on the third part of his message, LEAVING THE LEGACY and focused on three persons from the Bible - David (Trust on God), Daniel (Honouring God) and Paul (Sacrifices made & Successors developed). After the Vote of thanks Bro. Anand ended the meeting with prayer.

Prayfor all the leaders of GEMS Institutions to fulfil their role through their exemplary life and godly leadership.
Prayfor all the educational institutions to continue to produce students excellent in studies, skills and character.

Prayfor the admissions taking place this year and for the need of required staff to be fulfilled. 
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