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Missionaries Threatened and Believers Ostracised in North Bihar for the Faith

GEMS missionaries and believers of Boriya (PEACE 3 Zone) and Manigachi (Maithili Zone) are constantly threatened for believing and preaching Jesus.

Boriya – Continuously Threatened
A group of fanatics affiliated to the Sangh gathered together on 1st February 2018 and threatened Bro. Susheel Kumar who is serving at Boriya in West Champaran.

He and his wife Sis. Chandra are missionaries here. Since then they are receiving continuous threatening from this group to leave the place and to not preach the gospel.

Pray for the opposition in this place. Also pray for the construction of the church at Bagaha (PEACE 3 Zone).

Manigachi – Christians Ostracized
On 4th February 2018 right after the worship service the Mukhiya (Village Headman) of Mahadev Pokhar a village in Manigachi came to the church along with eight other men & media and threatened the missionaries and falsely accused them of converting through allurement of money.

For three hours the missionaries and Christian believers were forcefully detained. The opposers called for the police and the missionaries and believers were taken to the police station. In front of the police, the Mukhiya threatened the believers that they are set apart from the village for believing in Jesus and that all facilities will be denied for them; the police were a witness to this and did not take action against the Mukhiya or promise protection for the Christians.

On 5th February newspaper Dainik Jagran published a false news on this incident in the title ‘Conversion in the name of Prayer’.

The translation of the news –
Manigachi (Darbhanga): Six Christians who went to Kanchar Tola of Mahadev Pokhar (Chanaur Panchayat) to convert people in the name of prayer had to face strong opposition. Later everyone returned.
It is being reported that on Sunday in secrecy people were being inspired to convert here. Some villagers who passed doubted and began to enquire. Later crowd gathered who began to oppose. Mukhiya Madan Kumar Yadav informed the police and he himself reached and he calmed the people. The police took the people who had come to covert to the police station. After investigation they were left. SHO Rajiv Kumar said that no one complained on forceful conversion. So they were left after enquiry.
For three years there has been attempt to convert. In this activity Pastor Lakhan Besra s/o Kalu Besra of Ratanpura, Katihar & his wife Elizabeth, Paul of Tamil Nadu a staff of Gospel Missionary Society based in Dehri On Sone & his wife Kripa Paul, Susari Murmu & her husband were involved. Kanjar Tola’s Gulbiya Devi, Photo Kanjar, Gopal Kanjar, Konua Kanjar, Rajkumar Kanjar have been converted. Everyone had gathered here on Sunday. Pastor Lakhan Besra, Susari Murmu and her husband are residing at the house of Indu Chaudhary in Manigachi for three years are active in this kind of work.

Traditionally the Kanjar people have taken onto robbery and/or begging for their livelihood. But the love of Jesus and the power of the gospel is transforming them to become good citizens; and they are now educating their children and doing other jobs.

Prayfor the opposition to the gospel, the missionaries and believers in Boriya & Manigachi in North Bihar.
Prayfor the believers to be strong in the faith and to grow in the Lord and His word.
Prayfor the opposers to be delivered from all bondages and to personally experience the power of the gospel.

Prayfor the police, administration and media to work unbiased and for justice. 
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