Polio Rehabilitation

Polio Rehabilitation (Dayasagar)

India is one of the countries in the third world where the rates of Polio affected children are more. Medical cares for these tiny tots are quiet inadequate, and we have the biggest number of Polio affected children in Bihar. It was also noticed that the future of these children is bleak. Therefore we found that medical care and godly hope can infuse strength and courage and motivate them to face the challenges ahead of them. It has also been amply demonstrated all over the world that the crippled can become useful and productive citizens, leading close to normal lives, if they are given proper education and training. This motivated us to impart vocational training according to their ability by means of which they would be able to face their future with confidence.

They now have 301 such children. " DAYASAGAR " stands to serve as an existing model home in the whole State of Bihar.

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