PSM Training

Preventive and Social Medicine Training (PSM)

As a Christian we cannot neglect this obvious health need of our country. Missionaries who are already established in the villages can contribute to meet this need easily. This will also have a two-fold benefit.

First, they can meet the physical needs of the people by preventing dangerous diseases in a very early stage. By this they can also reduce people’s expenditure on health needs, prevent loss of wages by eliminating the need to go to hospital.

Secondly, if the missionaries are trained to offer culturally acceptable simple health care at the village level, that will lead to an open door to meet the spiritual needs of the people.

So this project is aimed at empowering the missionaries to provide basic health care (early detection and treatment of illnesses as well as preventive care) at village level thereby paving way for holistic care for the people in the villages. 



No of Trainees in each batch            -    20

Duration of training for each batch     -    40 days 


Refresher course           - 3 days (once in 2 months)  - 6 batches per year

Field Visits by trainers   - 3 days (once in 2 months)   - 6 Visits per year

Annual Refresher meets - 3 days                                -  1 Meet