Community Care

Community Care & Evangelism

Evangelism is the Heartbeat of GEMS. Good news of Jesus is shared to the rich and the poor, to the learned and the unlearned, urban & rural people, to children, university students, neighbours, crossing all barriers of language, culture and influence level.,”And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations - Mark 13:10” continues to be it’s driving force since 1972.

Active Evangelism aiming at saturation Community Care in Cities, Villages and Tribal areas has resulted in 1003 Worshiping fellowships in 5 states within India among 5 Language groups, spread across 66 districts and 746 Blocks, influencing more than 1 million People.

GEMS strives to echo the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached people. Efforts have been made to present Gospel through efficient and strategic ways, considering the different groups of people, their languages, culture, social status and influence level.

Community Care Since 1972 Gems Actively Concentrates On Community Care. The First Decade Was Very Hard For Bro. Jebakumar And Co-Workers As They Could See Very Little Fruits In Spite Of Toiling Day And Night. It Was The Hardest Part Of Ministry In The History Of Gems. During The Second Decade We Could Witness A Good Harvest And Many Souls Were Added To The Church. We Then Consolidated Those Believers And Used Them To Plant Churches In Different Places.

Fifty years of GEMS’ involvement in Community Care can be bifurcated into 5 decades as

Now moving towards the Fifth decade with the motto ‘Fresh, Full and Free’. During the 2nd and 3rd decade of Community Care many house churches were born and many zones of GEMS were created.

GEMS concentrates on 5 Indian states namely Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,Jharkand,Maharastra for Community Care. On the whole it minsters to 66 districts, 746 blocks and 5 major language groups namely Bhojpuri, Magai, Maithili, Marathi and Hindi.

Saturation Community Care

GEMS targets key ‘Blocks and ’Panchayat’ and attempts to saturate every village under them with maximum number of churches i.e. it identifies strategic ‘Blocks’ and adopts it for total transformation and wholesome community development at grassroots level within its geographical boundary. To begin with, every missionary is given a challenge of establishing churches in 5 places in 2 years. Also they are constantly encouraged to develop more voluntary workers and elders to whom these churches could be entrusted as these missionaries concentrate on new pioneering areas.

On an average around 20 churches are built in a year with a parsonage where ever possible. So far the lord has given us more than 1003 churches and still many churches are in the formative stage. GEMS uses Education, Health care, Community reformation programs, Vocation specific training programs and Self-help livelihood programs in these villages to speed up the Community Care process as it works with the principle that anything which happens under the umbrella of GEMS has to ultimately result in community care. There are around 2230 people toiling with GEMS directly or indirectly to establish these churches. GEMS strives hard to establish churches in every village.

To profile these churches we follow a simple method to classify them into 4 categories namely Preaching Point (PP), House Church (HC), Emerging Church (EC), Established Church (ESC).

Preaching Point (PP)

PPs are fellowships which meet at atleast once a month in place with or without baptized believers.

House Church (HC)

HCs are fellowships which meet once in a week or atleast twice in a month in any place with 5 baptised believers.

Emerging Church (EC)

ECs are fellowships which must meet once in a week in any place with 6 to 15 baptised believers./p>

Established Church (ESC)

ECs are fellowships which must meet once in a week in any place with 15 baptised believers. Atleast 1 Bible men (mature believer or elder who can assist the Pastor), 2 Elders and 1 Treasurer.