Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Film Evangelism

GEMS is actively involved in Film Evangelism. This is very effective in northern India due to literacy constraints. As most of the people living here are oral learners, films have an audio and visual impact on them.

Presently there are around 30 film teams functioning in GEMS. Each film team comprises of a film operator cum preacher, a driver and a technical person facilitated with the LCD projector, generator, P.A system and a vehicle either Jeep or tempo traveller.Film team goes to new pioneering places and screens Jesus Film called ‘DAYASAGAR’ in vernacular languages, predominantly in Hindi. Many people gather together to watch the film.In between the film show our teampreach, pray and minister to the people,followed by an altar call and a provision for sinner’s prayer. People are exposed to the Gospel as they watch the movie and their faith is being increased. After the show they are given an opportunity to receive the Lord and are practically led to the Lord through the prayers.

Gospel literatures are distributed after the film which serves as a tool for the people to know the Lord.A simple follow-up card is distributed after the show which would be filled up by the people. They are systematically followed up through Bible Correspondence Course (BCC).

Apart from Jesus film, many other Christian movies like My Hope India’s productions where Johnny Lever, awell-known Hindi comedy actor turned believer plays a major roleand films on social concerns like Child Labour, Medical education are screened to create interest and awareness among people.

On an average, around 250-300 people attend one film show. Normally we have a target to reach 1 million i.e. 10 Lakh people per year through this team. Film team is also used as a pioneering source for major and mini Gospel programs

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Gospel Meetings

GEMS strongly believes that evangelism is the cutting edge of ministry and puts in great effort in gospel programs. It conducts Major and Mini Gospel meetings, sometimes referred as major and mini crusades.

Mini Gospel Programs: Every year around 110 Mini Gospel programs are scheduled. Every zone is allotted a certain number of gospel programs which are conducted periodically. Each such program is attended by 800-2000 people, after which they are invited into the church.

These meetings are normally experienced with power encounters,miracle and healings. Also there are stiff oppositions and resistance from people in some quarters. House meetings or Street meetings are conducted in some places to avoid unnecessary public attention and interventions.

Major Gospel Programs: Around 16 Major gospel meetings are conducted in a year which is normally done in a largescale.Each meetings are attended by 8000-15000 people.

A gospel team is sent along with Generator bus and Utility bus with P.A system, recording unit and Stage equipmentsto setup the logistics. The team goes with these 2 vehicles along with other support vehicles, hire a ground; setup the stage, lightings, and audio.They also indulge themselves in intense prayer for the meetings..

Meetings are experienced with stiff opposition, miracles and healings. Many strongholds are broken and places were not even a single church could be seen, witnessed tens of churches after the Major Gospel programs

Coummunity Care & Evangelism


AGNI stands for Aggravating New Life Influence. This project was launched in the year 2009 for pioneering Evangelism.

GEMS identifies unreached or less reached Panchayat i.e.Government Administrative module or cluster of villages and then places one Evangelist in that area. On an average, each evangelist will be given a Challenge to share Gospel in 20 villages.

This project has been very effective, as the evangelist is given a short-time target of 2 years in which he has to establish 5 new churches. Most of the Church Planting movements are facilitated with this kind of projectsresulting in highest number of Evangelism, Baptism and Church Planting. Every evangelist is trained for 21 days and sent into the fields along with Gospel materials and a bicycle to travel. They are often called for debriefing once in 3 months.

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Medical Evangelism

GEMS is actively involved in Medical Evangelism. It takes effort to share the Gospel to the patients who come to our hospital for medical treatment. During the treatment, they are ministered with Christian values and Love. Through this many people are exposed to the Gospel and could go with a rich experience of knowing Christ.

In the same way the patients are followed up with an automated follow-up system, which is an integration of hospital database and the field missionaries. The field missionaries are given information about patients who have been treated in the hospital. The missionaries get in touch with the patients, expose them to the Gospel and bring them to their local churches. This is one of the unique ways of systematic follow-up method for evangelism through medical ministry.

Also there are Satellite Clinics, whichserves as an entry door for many to know the Lord personally. Medical ministry also plans for medical camps along with evangelism teams. Normally medical camp is organized in one side of the building and in the same place where the patients are waiting for the treatments or referral, evangelism team conducts Gospel programs .Through this hundreds of people are exposed to the Gospel.

Healthy Patient to Heaven!

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Children Evangelism

From day one, GEMS has its own roots in Children Evangelism. There are 25,000 students studying in our own educational institutions. Children department plans gospel programs in the form of camps, retreats & other children related programs to evangelize these 25,000 children. Educational institutions are scheduled accordingly, to incorporate these programs, sothat every child who comes to GEMS School is exposed to the Gospel and givenan opportunity to receive the Lord as their personal Saviour.

Apart from this,a team from Children department goes to other secular schools and government schools seeking their permission to conduct Personality development programs and Children clubs. Puppetshows, action songs, flip chart story telling methods and many such creative methods are used to share the Love of Christ to the Children. Through these initiatives around 10,000 – 15,000 Children are exposed to the Gospel every year.

Altogether around 40,000 children are exposed to the Gospel, every year, through children evangelistic programs of GEMS.

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Neighbours Evangelical Thrust (NET)

Around 15% of Bihar population is Muslims. Presently, there are very few initiatives to minister to the neighbours.GEMS has appointed around 6 missionary families to work exclusively among neighbours. Even though the results are very minimal, the Lord is doing his work through various means.Many people from neighbour’s background are coming to know the Lord through this.

We have started a home exclusively for the neighbour’schildren. Now there are around 16 children being ministered through this home. We also facilitate and partner with other agencies who want to work with neighbours by giving them exposure and training.

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

Students Outreach Ministries (STORM)

Students Out-Reach Ministries is an initiative of GEMS to minister to the college students of North India. Urban students who are mostly post metric are reached by this ministry. In India 1.1% of elite people are there in the colleges. Through the STORM ministries the potentiality of exposing the Gospel to the future influencers is very high.

Through STORM constant Evangelistic Programs, Evangelistic Bible Studies,Music concerts, de-addiction programs and Rock Shows are conducted .Hundreds of students are exposed to the Gospel through these programs.

STORM is functioning in Ranchi Dhanbad, Tata, Gaya, Patna, Varanasiand Lucknow. This has a great potential to expand to many other centres in North India where many students are yet to be transformed by the power Gospel.

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents (PROFIT)

God gave us the burden and vision to influence the influencers at the work place. As a result PROFIT (Professionals Fellowship of International Talents) was started to equip and encourage the believers to minister the Gospel to their colleagues. For more information, please connect to site has great potential of social networking which can influence thousands.

Coummunity Care & Evangelism

GEMS Urban Ministries (GUM)

Through GEMS Urban Ministries, initiatives have been made to present Gospel to the elite. GUM has reached the elite in many places like Patna, Dhanbad, Ranchi and Varanasi. Many special programs on career, national issues are organized through which many people are being exposed to the Gospel.GUM ministries in Patna have given us excess to many politicians &bureaucrats. This was a great inspiration for us to minister to the people in the upper class of society.