Gethsemane Call

Jesus was looking for someone who would stand for one hour during crisis. Even today He is looking for someone who will stand with Him. As the Lord has pleaded with His disciples to sacrifice one hour with Him, we encourage you to invest an equaling one month in two years for His Kingdom by serving along with us. The need is enormous. Would you like to meaningfully spend your vocation with us…Serving!

GEMS is having a multi specialty hospital in a highly “needed” place serving more than 50,000 out patients per year. The hospital is located in Dehri-On-Sone, Rohtas District of Bihar, Dudhinagar, Sonebathra district of U.P and Community clinic on the Rohtas hill top in Bihar . The surrounding has very limited medical facilities. Hundreds throng in during medical camps. Through systematic follow-up we follow them up and facilitate them to be part of the local churches.

Facilities Available:

  • 120 Beds
  • Autoanalyser Lab
  • Digital xray services, ECG
  • Modular O.T with Boyle’s Apparatus Facility,
  • C- arm facility,
  • General Laparoscopy & Endo-Urology equipments,
  • Separate Eye OT,
  • A-Scan, Keratometer, Slit Lamp and Binocular Operating Microscope & Phaco machine, Laser,
  • machine, Laser,
  • Endoscopy & Colonoscopy services
  • 24 hours Oxygen plant,
  • ICU with Ventilators
  • HDU for New born
  • Labor Room

Projects:3 Satellite Clinics for Community Projects

How Long:You could plan any number of days or weeks as per your availability. A minimum of 3 days to one week / trip will be more meaningful & fruitful.

How to Reach:

By Train:

  • 1.Direct Train from Chennai central to Dehri-on-sone ( weekly once, on Tuesdays)
  • 2.Sangamitra express ( Perambur to DDU station @ U.P )

From Patna and Varanasi, it takes 3 hours & 4 hours respectively to reach the hospital by road.

Note: GEMS will take care of your two way travel, airport pickup and drop. You could come with your family or a group of Christian friends.

Food and Accommodation: GEMS will provide reasonably sufficient accommodation and food for your entire stay.

Field visit: We will also take you to the nearby mission fields to interact with missionaries and believers there.

Climate: The climate is on the hotter and colder side during summer and winter (April, May & December, January). The rest of the seasons it will be pleasant.

If you are interested click here for the application form. Your presence will definitely make a difference in many lives.

Contact details :

MS Medcial Services, GEMS office, Bihar - 821308

Nearby GEMS promotional office @ your city

Mail to,, +917759052058 ( WhatsApp)

Come ! "Be blessed & Be a blessing!"