Discipleship & Training

Discipleship & Training

GEMS Which Runs With The Motto ‘Transforming Peoples To Transform Nations’ Strongly Believes That Transformation Could Be Well Accomplishedthrough The Incorruptible Word Of God. Hence It Works Extensively On Training The People In North India To Be Doers And Preachers Of The Word. Since Most Of The Believers Are First Generation Christians And Oral Learners, They Need Constant Training And Refreshers Courses With Creative Methods.

Training at GEMS happens at various levels with different target groups from the needy north Indian states like Bihar, MP, UP, Jharkhand, Maharashtra. 2500 first generation active believers believers are constantly trained under 25 different types of training programs, targeting 20 million active believers by 2020.

A Corporate Training Centre with a seating capacity of 6000 currently present in Sikaria is being used for mass training programs.

Regional, Language, Focus and Gender Specific trainings are conducted in different places. Cross Cultural Induction, Orientations, Discipleship, Short term and one year Bible training programs are conducted periodically.

There is a greater need to raise many trained leaders to bring about a transformation in the un-reached Northern part of India.