Medical Services

Medical Services

GEMS Health services treats more than 30000 people every year with a motto Healthy Patients to Heaven.

The medical ministry in Bihar is a challenge. Doctors and specialists in various fields can only be hand-picked from the whole of Bihar. Most of them are situated in big cities whereas the villages are totally deprived of medical facilities. The patients from the villages are carried sometimes even to twenty to thirty kilometers for medical care. It is pathetic to see people dying even for very common ailments such as Hepatitis, Malaria, etc., for the lack of proper medical care. Majority of the victims for such minor causes are the children who are supposed to be the future of our country. God burdened our hearts to start a medical mission among the villages of Bihar

Presently we have150 bedded Multi Speciality Hospital , 3 satellite Primary Health Clinic to cater the needs of the poorest of poor.

Apart from regular medical services, GEMS organises check-up camps in many villages.GEMS also facilitates round the yearfree Cataract andPolio corrective surgeries , Leprosy and Tuberculosis immunisation programs are carried out periodically.

Our medical work is also breaking the ice and paving way for the spread of the Gospel in the villages. It subsides the opposition for the Gospel in many areas. Patients are personally followed up and inducted into the church through Automated Follow-up system which geographically maps the patients with the field missionary.