Media Ministries

Media Ministries

Media Ministries of GEMS serves as the prophetic voice to the churches and apostolic voice to the missions. It is done thru the publications, magazines, songs, messages, documentaries & social media.

Magazines of GEMS published in 5 languages – English (The Call), Tamil (GEMS Satham), Hindi (Atma Darshan), Kannada (Yudha Dvani) & Telugu (GEMS Sabdam).

Audio/Video gospel materials are produced done in Tamil, Hindi, Bhojpuri and released thru YouTube & Podcasts.

Media Ministries are thru the publication of spiritual Books. 21 books have been published in multiple languages.

10 Documentaries / Biographies & 16 Short films / Telefilms have been produced, to bring social & spiritual awakening.

Pray that initiatives & productions of GEMS media ministries will be an effective tool in leading people towards social & spiritual deliverance and to draw them towards God’s purpose.